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Sep 22 2019

Purging Whites From Cultural Institutions in NYC

Having abandoned his farcical presidential aspirations, Bill de Blasio can now turn his full attention to waging Cultural Marxism against New York City.

Whites are apparently disproportionately likely to pursue employment in museums and the like. This could impede the goal of marginalizing Caucasians. The de Blasio solution: choke off the money supply to cultural institutions that do not sufficiently discriminate against the pigmentally incorrect:

From the New York Post:

On Tuesday, Tom Finkelpearl, head of the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs, admitted that the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and other city treasures aren’t meeting the mayor’s de-facto quotas for their workforces.

In all, 33 cultural nonprofits get $117.2 million a year in taxpayer money. Any institution that falls short is supposed to see a 10% cut.

To keep the money, institutions might have to start firing people because of their race. Don’t even bother submitting a résumé if you are white. You will only be hired if it has been proven to be impossible to get someone who is not white to do the job.

Yet again we see that antiracism is racism at its most outrageously unjust.

Maybe New York should impose an antiwhite quota on the Office of the Mayor. At least then the city would be rid of Bill de Blasio.

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