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Jan 14 2019

Queen Lactacia: Ten-Year-Old Drag Queen

Desmond Napoles is not the only little boy to be exploited as a public sex object by the aberrantly oriented community. Introducing 10-year-old Canadian drag queen Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, a.k.a. Queen Lactacia.

Like Desmond, Nemis got off to an early start, courtesy of his parents. At age 8, he was introduced on stage at a drag show by Bianca Del Rio. Before that,

“There’s a video somewhere of me lip-syncing to Ariana Grande in a pink tutu when I was six,” says Nemis, who adopted the moniker Lactacia last year (his fans are known as ‘Lactaters’). “Drag isn’t a thing you imagine a child to do, but we don’t care what people say.”

If he doesn’t sound much like a 10-year-old, that could be because what comes out of his mouth was put there by someone else.

The source piece at Huck comes from so deep within the liberal bubble that the Alt Right’s bête noire Ben Shapiro is cluelessly denounced as an “alt-right mouthpiece.” It features pictures of the little boy striking sexually provocative poses in fishnet stockings.

There are some very sick people out there. The liberal media does what it can to encourage them.

Anyone who thinks all cultures are equal has been lucky enough to avoid the culture that produced the twisted spectacle they are making of this little kid’s life. Please excuse the language as drag queen Bianca Del Rio welcomes Nemis into his world:

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