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Dec 16 2019

Queering Reality at Portland State University

Any topic whatsoever can be “queered” by the intellectual saboteurs who dominate universities. Portland State University has announced a course entitled “Queer Ecologies: Rethinking the Nature of Nature.” Topics include “queering settler colonialism,” “queering science,” and “queer environmental futurity.”

Via Breitbart:

“WGSS [Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies] faculty member Lisa Weasel will challenge students to consider how places, people, and practices come to be understood as ‘natural,’” elaborates the school’s website of the class. “What counts as ‘nature,’ and who has access and belonging there? How are categories and discourses of nature and the natural used in both liberatory and oppressive ways?”

“Oppressive” means “contrary to the progressive agenda.”

The Frankfurt School would be pleased that its Critical Theory strategy for destroying the West continues to thrive in various forms. The idea is to relentlessly question, criticize, and undermine everything, even the most fundamental aspects of reality. The ultraleft has implemented this strategy through its control of academia and the media. Its appalling success is reflected by the widespread acceptance of homosexuality and even transsexuality by many people as healthy and normal, a view held by virtually no one until recently. This degeneration has resulted from progressives’ relentless attack on morality and normalcy.

Lisa Weasel is Department Chair of WGSS. Her interests include feminist pedagogies, intersectionality, “food justice,” and the ominous-sounding “equity outcomes.”

PSU is a state university directly supported by taxpayer dollars.

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