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May 12 2018

Race Card Foiled by Bodycam Footage

One of the many nice things about being oppressed is that playing the race card might let you drive as fast as you like without having to pay a speeding ticket — unless of course there is a hitch in the oppression…

Behind the wheel of her car and live on Facebook, Dawn Hilton-Williams described a traffic stop on Route 58 westbound in rural Brunswick County [North Carolina].

“I was just bullied by a racist cop, who threatened to pull me out of the car,” said Hilton-Williams in the 11-minute long Facebook video.

“This is where we got lynched. This is where we got lynched, even in today’s day.” …

In the video, Hilton-Williams said she feared for her life.

You can watch the video here. Have a box of tissues handy to wipe your tears as the victim luxuriates in self-pitying racial victimhood.

In addition to not having to pay the ticket, Dawn might even have riots thrown in her honor. She could be in line for a lucrative settlement.

Except there was bodycam video:

Better luck next time, Dawn. At least you made the Hate Hoax List.

On a tip from Chronos the Wonderpig.

2 Responses to “Race Card Foiled by Bodycam Footage”

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