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Mar 04 2017

Race Politics Could Be Tearing Apart Fort Worth Police Department

Excessive racial consciousness is tearing the country apart. An alarming example could be unfolding in the Fort Worth Police Department.

Last December 21, a black woman named Jacqueline Craig called the cops on a white guy who grabbed her son by the arm after he littered. William Martin, the white cop who arrived, failed to take the issue seriously enough to suit Ms. Craig, and even had the audacity to suggest her kid shouldn’t litter. Craig and her daughters went haywire and became abusive, requiring Martin to arrest them. One of the daughters took video of the incident, which went viral among the Black Lives Matter crowd, where it was circulated as evidence of racist oppression.

Here is the unedited video, providing an obscenity-laced, migraine-inducing indication of what the police have to deal with out there:

That was only the beginning. Information leaked from the FWPD kept the controversy alive and placed the lives of Martin and his pregnant wife in jeopardy. Someone leaked not only his body cam footage and internal discipline records, but even his home address and Social Security number. Suspected leakers have been identified:

Assistant Chief Abdul Pridgen and Deputy Chief Vance Keyes have hired prominent criminal defense attorneys and have been temporarily replaced in their positions, said several people familiar with the reassignments and the legal developments.

You’ll never guess the racial background of Pridgen and Keyes.

Pridgen’s attorney, Pete Schulte, denied Pridgen was the source of the leak and does not know who did leak the material.

“Chief Pridgen is an honorable man,” Schulte said in a statement. “It is disturbing and unfortunate that the police department is focusing its investigation on two high-ranking African-American officers…”

They must have the wrong suspects. It is racist to accuse African Americans of wrongdoing.

This is rich:

Keyes’s attorney, George Milner, also said his client did not leak anything.

“We are very disappointed the Fort Worth chief will not simply let this embarrassing episode die,” he said.

Now they want the episode to die. Yet if Keyes is one of the leakers, he broke the law to keep it alive.

Cultural Marxists seem to be succeeding in their goal of destroying America by splintering it into aggrieved minority groups at war with the core culture. Society is truly breaking down if black police officers are blacks before they are police officers.

29 Responses to “Race Politics Could Be Tearing Apart Fort Worth Police Department”

  1. MAS says:

    Every time I read one of these it reminds to thank God for being retired.

  2. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Y’know, it isn’t cool to grab somebody else’s kid. Especially with the constantly repeated alarmism about child abductions (which admittedly is nonsense) a Mother is going to overreact. This isn’t out and dried.

  3. JackisBack says:

    No adult should touch a child. This isn’t 1975.

  4. Rotohammer says:

    The arresting officer, William “Jumpy” Martin got his suspension and that should have been the end of it. What a scene. Jay-Quellin has outstanding warrants and she’s calling the Po Po and getting up in Jumpy’s face? These are neighbors? Probably won’t be the last time the police show up there.

  5. Bob Katt says:

    Affirmative Action promotions coming home to roost.

  6. grayjohn says:

    Busting litterbugs is social justice, B*tch.

  7. grayjohn says:

    A good new law would be, Three strikes and you have to move.

  8. tfhr says:

    A “deputy chief” and an “assistant chief” – that’s problem right there. You don’t need both and I’m guessing that either probably get paid more than a couple of beat cops. Neither position must be that critical because of the apparent quality of the individuals in them now. Cut one position and let these two have their day in court. If one comes out of the investigation as being on the up and up then I’d have to guess they would keep the job.

    In the end: more cops, more true leaders and fewer administrators.

  9. Dr Why says:

    Oh, those zany Negroes !!

  10. Dr Why says:

    You are wrong.

  11. gonemanghost says:

    It is very simple. Blacks are animals. They are simply not capable of building or living in a civilized society.

  12. John Q. Whiteman says:

    Why, oh why didn’t Lincoln stick with Plan A?

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  15. Heather Jones says:

    I’m sure my opinion is going to be wildly unpopular, but I have to say that in this particular matter, it looks like the officer was in the wrong. To me, it looks like the daughter in the pink tank is stepping in to try to calm her mom down so she doesn’t do anything stupid (it was stupid of her to phone the police over this in the first place). And then the officer grabbed her, and the mom went apesh*t. Of course, I don’t know what FWPD ROE policy is, and the daughter was awfully close to him when she inserted herself between him and her mother, so it could be that he was following departmental policy because he may have seen her as a danger to himself, although I don’t see how because it’s quite clear she had no weapon. However, having said all that, it’s also clear from the video that this family is racist…prior to the arrival of the officer, they were talking about this “white man” putting his hands on the little boy. I have to wonder if she’d have phoned the police had it been a black man who’d laid hands on the lad. I really don’t think she would have. Also, once the officer was there, the daughter recording the video mentioned something about this “white” guy when speaking about the officer. Would she have had an issue with what the officer said had it been a black officer saying it? I think the mother made a big deal out of nothing simply because there was a white man involved and she was looking to stick it to him because she hates white people. Just my opinion.

  16. Floridian says:

    “Society is truly breaking down if black police officers are blacks before they are police officers.”

    And yet, that is obviously the case. Likewise Black mayors, congressmen, and presidents are all Black first. The only solution is segregation—intercontinental segregation.

  17. Floridian says:

    So if a “child” attacks, like Treyvon Martin attacked Zimmerman, you’re just supposed to take it. If you want to preach liberalism, you should try a more receptive audience.

  18. Donald Mack Flippin says:

    That ain’t my circus, and them are not my monkeys.

  19. Rotohammer says:

    I agree, it seems like the officer was too quick in arresting people. Once he decided to arrest, he was impressive, considering the chaos. He got his suspension. It seems about right – he wasn’t fired, no grand jury, no criminal charges. The scandal is with the police leadership playing SJW.

  20. Rotohammer says:

    We hear the officer challenging the mom about littering and whether it’s OK for another grownup to grab a kid. I wonder if he initially intended to just give both sides of the dispute a good talking to, starting with the mom and then finishing with the man, but then didn’t get very far.

  21. storikecla says:

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  22. Heather Jones says:

    The people who leaked his personal information, putting him and his wife in danger, need to be held to account.

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  24. rosetta_stoned says:

    If you don’t think we’re headed for a race war, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

  25. bob says:

    I wonder why black kids turn out like animals. could it be the mamas teaching them.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant, non-thinking “progressive” education got ’em that way– feel first, follow instructions (realize you should enforce the law first, that’s “racist”!).

  27. JackisBack says:

    I hate liberalism. When I was a kid my friends parents could slap me in the back of the head with my parents blessing. try that today and get sued.

  28. JackisBack says:

    Why, Doc? I know that some kids deserve a good smack but that will get sued if they are not your own kid.

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