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Mar 31 2020

Rachel Maddow Learns Not to Make Spiteful Short-Term Predictions

Good thing her audience stays safely insulated from factual information inside their bubble of liberal BS. Otherwise, even they might laugh at Rachel Maddow’s latest pratfall:

Just over one week ago, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow called President Trump’s claim that two U.S. Navy medical ships would soon be operational “nonsense.” By Monday morning, both ships had arrived at their destinations in Los Angeles and New York City. …

“The president said when he announced that those ships would be put into action against the COVID-19 epidemic. He said one of those ships would be operational in New York harbor by next week. That’s nonsense. It will not be there next week,” she claimed.

Wouldn’t Madcow love to stuff this down the memory hole:

Spiteful ankle-biting should never be confused with information. That’s why only a moonbat would attempt to learn what’s going on out there by watching MSNBC.

Ms Madcow has baked herself a crow pie. Mark Dice laughingly grinds it into her face as he reminds us that she is only the tip of an iceberg of MSM journalistic malfeasance:

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