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Jun 21 2024

Racism Causes Cancer

Cancer is not caused by global warming or homophobia. That leaves racism:

NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam has been ripped to shreds for a woke episode in which a patient develops a tumor from ‘internalized racism.’

The episode is from 2020, but apparently only liberals watched the show, because it has just now come to light as a fit subject for ridicule.

Tragically, a teen is diagnosed with tumors. A psychiatrist explains why the imaginary oppression of non-Caucasians is to blame:

‘Your son feels threatened on a daily basis, like everything he’s earned can be taken away. He’s disenfranchised,’ the psychiatrist says.

‘But because his life is seemingly free from all this, because he can’t name it, he’s internalizing it.’

When the mother seems confused, the psychiatrist says: ‘Racism – I think your son’s tumor was caused by racism.’

Mainstream entertainment is almost becoming entertaining again — but only if you enjoy laughing at liberals:

Regarding the UNREST test mentioned by the moonbat shrink:

The episode appeared to be referencing an actual questionnaire by the group UNREST, which developed a ‘social resistance framework.’

It ‘suggests that power relations within society may encourage members of non-dominant minority groups to actively engage in acts of everyday resistance, which may include risky and unhealthy behaviors.’

Academia elaborates on how pseudo-oppression is relevant to medicine:

A 2019 study from scientists from the University of Southern California and University of California at Los Angeles also determined that African-Americans had higher levels of inflammatory molecules than their white counterparts.

Presenting the study’s summary:

Researchers have long known that racism is linked to health problems, but now results from a small study using RNA tests show that racism appears to increase chronic inflammation among African Americans.

It isn’t just the tedious rubbish on TV. Everything the liberal establishment tries to feed us is crap.

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