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Dec 27 2019

Racist Attack on Racist Food Cart

After Democrats like Joe Biden exploit the welfare state and mass immigration to achieve the liberal holy grail of minority status for whites, we will live in a harmonious rainbow utopia free of racism. Or maybe not.

The Oregonian tells the tale of Sierra McDonald’s one-woman war against a Mexican food cart in ultraliberal Portland:

The food cart operator told police that McDonald ordered food, then refused to pay for it, saying it was too expensive.

McDonald then told the operator to “go back to Mexico,” poured soda on her head, and on the grill where she was cooking chicken, the charging documents say.

Annoyed at the food cart operator for calling the police on her, McDonald later returned and menaced employees with a sharp wooden stake.

McDonald also allegedly tried to fling chicken off the grill where employees were cooking and spit toward the cooking area. Documents said employees had to throw away 12 whole chickens due to possible contamination.

At first police were unable to arrest her, because she refused to come out of her apartment across the street. It seems they don’t knock in doors anymore, but just ask nicely for maniacs to come out and be arrested.

McDonald, who is black, told officers that she believed the food cart was racist because “they served white people faster than they served her.”

That would be consistent with the liberal narrative relentlessly inculcated by the establishment media. No doubt it will be used in her defense at the trial.

On tips from Varla, Chronos Z. Wonderpig, and Grumpy Cat.

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