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Sep 20 2023

Racist Beer

For anyone who finds Bud Light to be insufficiently woke, there are beers that are still more aggressive in their moonbattery. Some beers focus on taste, others on showcasing their race-based ideology. Examples of the latter include Weathered Souls Brewing and Hella Coastal:

Weathered Souls Brewing gained widespread recognition with their initiative, the “Black is Beautiful” beer.

The brewery invited other breweries across the US and around the world to join them in brewing their own version of “Black is Beautiful,” with the proceeds supporting organizations fighting racial injustice and promoting equality.

“Racial injustice” is Liberalese for insufficient race favoritism. Since we already have equality, what they probably mean is “equity.”

Sure enough:

Hella Coastal desires to foster a more equitable brewing industry. …

Hella Coastal has been involved in impactful work like Inclusion Beer, a project in which breweries are required to create their own DE&I committee.

In utopia, all breweries will be required to create diversity, equity, and inclusion committees.

Alternatively, you can drink beer produced by explicitly white-owned breweries that advocate on behalf of Europeans and the civilization they created. Just kidding; no such brewery would be allowed to exist.

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