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Oct 09 2017

Racist Daycare Letter Flunks the Smell Test

Someone with the Twitter handle “lexi,” whose Twitter account is now locked down and whose Shift key doesn’t seem to work, sent out the graphic below with the following caption:

this letter was anonymously sent by a parent to the daycare center i work at. it’s hard to believe people like this actually exist.

Check out the joker font, no doubt used for extra realism:


Welcome to the Hate Hoax List, Lexi. I mean lexi.

On a tip from Rusty Bill.

18 Responses to “Racist Daycare Letter Flunks the Smell Test”

  1. JackisBack says:

    Obvipously written by a gay black man

  2. IOpian says:

    Leftist are so obvious when they attempt to portray the strawman version of what they think a right-winger would say.

  3. Area man says:

    “I am sending myself ooops I mean I am sending her a copy!”

  4. Spiny Norman says:

    I rather imagine “lexi” identifies as a woman.

  5. Lydia Long says:

    Fake letter written by someone who wants to be a victim.

  6. Lydia Long says:

    Especially the lack of punctuation.

  7. Lydia Long says:

    Exactly. It’s like watching a British actor doing an American accent. They never get it right.

  8. JimRed says:

    My first thought as well. Phoney.

  9. JimRed says:

    Or me (of Irish descent) trying a brogue. Never quite right.

  10. Shut Up Megs says:

    Leftism = Degeneracy, envy, lies, bigotry, violence and low IQ.

  11. gah says:

    You can bet that this is just another hoax.

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  13. free thinking says:

    A Trump supporter who speaks Ebonics.LOL. If they found out who did this hoax, they should spend a year in jail.

  14. vfrtower says:


    The sheer cowardice (and poor grammar/punctuation) leaves no doubt “it” is a Dimocrat running a scam.

  15. DavidD says:

    The last sentence is a dead giveaway.

  16. SWohio says:

    My bet is on the Nanny. That victimhood badge is earned.

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