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Oct 30 2019

Radical Agenda of Minnesota Educator Academy

Every October, Minnesota kids get time off school so that teachers can attend the Minnesota Educator Academy, a conference sponsored by the teachers’ union Education Minnesota. Frontpage investigates who indoctrinates the indoctrinators. This year’s MEA was held last week in St Paul:

The one-day conference kicked off with a keynote address by Dr. Eddie Moore Jr., the co-founder and director of The Privilege Institute and The National White Privilege Conference.

Moore, himself a person of politically preferred pigmentation, is an aggressive proponent of equity, as opposed to equality. Equity mandates equality of outcome, regardless of what coercive measures may be required to overcome natural disparities.

The term “privilege” denigrates success. If a society has positive qualities that allows it to succeed, it must be brought down in favor of societies lacking in those qualities, according to the ideology preached in public schools.

Moore explicitly associates “privilege” with being Caucasian, which he disapproves of vehemently.

“Moore will talk about why racial justice work is the work of all of us, no matter where we live or who we know,” states the conference itinerary, which lauds his organization for providing opportunities for “those committed to true social and institutional change.”

“Racial justice” is a euphemism for punishing whites out of racist hatred for them. The “social and institutional change” these maniacs have in mind will not be pleasant for those of pale complexion.

Moore’s diatribe was only the beginning of the moonbattery. The conference featured breakout sessions.

Among these is the ironically titled “Anti-Bias Education: The Foundation of Culturally Responsive Teaching” which claims to teach educators “ABE theory and practices that create identity safety, belonging and equity.”

The irony here is that imposing equity entails bias in favor of those deemed less likely to succeed (i.e., black kids) and against those deemed more likely (white kids).

It wasn’t all about hating Whitey. This being Minnesota, home of the large Islamic colony that spawned Ilhan Omar, the conference also promoted Islamophilia in a session on “Muslims in the Classroom.”

“The workshop is meant to help identify and address Islamophobia and Islamophobic bullying in the classroom.” According to FBI statistics, hate crimes against Jews are far more common than those committed against Muslims, but no comparable sessions on Judaism, Christianity, or other faiths were provided to educators at the MEA.

Like the racial equity crapola, portraying Muslims as sacred victims advances the Cultural Marxist agenda.

Two separate sessions provided instruction on how to brainwash students regarding global warming dogma. The presence of climate change in the context of hard left ideology emphasizes that this topic is about radical politics, not the weather — just as the conference overall was about indoctrination, not education.

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