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Feb 08 2013

Radical Environmentalist Sally Jewell: Yet Another Outrageously Inappropriate Nominee

Cindy Sheehan thinkalike Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Gabbily anti-American traitor Hanoi John Kerry for Secretary of State. Advocate of killing American citizens without due process John Brennan for CIA director. Obama’s habit of selecting the worst conceivable person for each high position continues with his choice of Sally Jewell for Secretary of the Interior.

Remember Drakes Bay Oyster Company, which had survived for 80 years before getting ground out of existence largely by the envirofascists of the National Parks Conservation Association? Jewell is vice chairman of the NPCA’s board.

Kimberley Strassel sums up Jewell’s mission:

Lock up land, target industries, kill traditional jobs.

Jewell has never held office. But lack of experience didn’t hold Obama back. The important thing is that she will help keep the unemployment rate sky high, thus increasing dependence on government. Among her credentials:

Ms. Jewell, who joined the REI board in 1996 and rose to CEO in 2005, has been central to campaigns that have squelched thousands of jobs in the name of environmental purity.

REI, for instance, actively supported the Clinton-era Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which in 2001 locked up a third of all national forests, dealing another blow to logging and mining. When former Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire in 2006 announced she’d fight the Bush administration’s effort to inject some flexibility into the rule, she held her press conference at REI’s headquarters, flanked by Ms. Jewell. … REI’s well-heeled clientele ultimately got 58 million acres of “pristine” walking trails; Western loggers got to tell their kids they no longer had a job.

REI’s bigger influence, however, has come from funneling money to radical groups via the Conservation Alliance, a foundation it created with Patagonia, The North Face and Kelty in 1989. Ms. Jewell was lauded by the group in 2010 for committing REI to giving more than $100,000 a year to this outfit.

The money has been going not only to kill jobs, but to drive up energy prices, another critical front in the liberal War on Prosperity.

The Conservation Alliance maintains a list of the “successes” it has notched via the dollars it sends to militant environmental groups like Earthjustice. In the past few years alone that list has included “77 oil and gas leases halted” in Utah, 55,000 acres put off limits to oil and gas jobs in Colorado, the destructions of functioning dams, and the removal of millions of new acres from any business pursuit.

The Alliance is particularly proud of its role in getting the Obama team in 2012 to lock up half of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve — set aside 90 years ago specifically for oil and gas. Rex Rock, the president of the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, which represents the economic interests of the Inupiat Eskimos, wrote that the decision will “cripple the lone economic driver for our communities,” and make the Inupiat “exhibits in an outdoor museum.”

Eskimos exist to please well-to-do liberals with their noble savage rusticalness. Allowing them to improve their lot in life would spoil everything.

A third front in the War on Prosperity is ever-increasing taxation. Jewell is on board here too:

“I know tax is a dirty word, but if we were paying a carbon tax that accounted for our impact on greenhouse gases, that would in fact change our consumption,” explained Mrs. Jewell in 2009.

One last qualification: she donated $10,000 to Obama’s catastrophic reelection.

As with Obama, every decision she makes will be predicated on what is most harmful to Americans.

Sally Jewell, economic saboteur.

On a tip from Varla.

38 Responses to “Radical Environmentalist Sally Jewell: Yet Another Outrageously Inappropriate Nominee”

  1. Justme says:

    Their goal is to ban. Ban Development, Ban Freedom, Ban Opposition, Ban Self Defense, Ban Consumption and Ultimately Ban People.

    Dave, you keep saying that the Messiah is picking unqualified people, they are EXTREMELY QUALIFIED to help bring about the complete destruction of the last Superpower.

    There is nothing happening that hasn’t already been well planed out in advance, they “won,” it’s all their game now. Haven’t you guys read your Ayn Rand?

  2. Joe says:

    All that, and she’s cute as a button too!

  3. Gunny G says:


  4. Spider says:

    The EPA and the EnviroNazi’s are now a much bigger threat to a free America than is Al-Qaeda.

  5. Tchhht!!! says:

    That’s a woman???

  6. […] Radical Environmentalist Sally Jewell: Yet Another Outrageously Inappropriate Nominee […]

  7. Sam Adams says:

    Here’s a suggestion. Every oil company in the US should refuse to sell this woman gasoline to put in her car. Every commercial airline should put her on their “no fly” list. The utility company that supplies her home with electricity should cut it off.

    If she wants to live like people did back in the 1600s, let her start living that way now. Lead by example, Leftist!!!

  8. Dmgore says:

    Why do most liberal women look like that?
    Come to think of it, so do most liberal men.

  9. Skyfall says:

    Dmgore, I think it’s that smug “we won, you lost, get over it” attitude, plus their zealous conviction that what they’re going to do to everyone else is just SO RIGHT.

    In this case though, I think Blount got the wrong photo. Isn’t that Ron Wood?

  10. Doug says:

    I think I found her ex lovers.


  11. Jeff says:

    Note to self: stop buying at REI.

  12. Cynthia says:

    I can’t stand womyn who look like John Hurt

  13. Skyfall says:

    Sorry Cynthia, I’m sticking with Ron Wood.

  14. Skyfall says:

    …and absolutely do NOT patronize REI. Or the Sierra Club!

  15. Flu-Bird says:


  16. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Cute as a very, very, ugly button.

  17. rex freeway says:

    Cynthia says:
    I can’t stand womyn who look like John Hurt

    Skyfall says:
    Sorry Cynthia, I’m sticking with Ron Wood.

    She’s not human. I think she looks like “squidward” on spongebob squarepants.

  18. Son of Taz says:

    @Joe that would be a belly button, like on Michael Moore.

  19. FunGoose says:

    Cute as belly button full of lint.

  20. Buffalobob says:

    There should be a simple screening of potential high governmental officials. Something like if you show a 4 year old their picture and the 4 year old burst into tears and clutches their mother the nominee is immediately disqualified.

  21. DJ says:

    Skyfall nailed it! Ron Wood look-alike it is.


  22. Skyfall says:

    I stand vindicated! Somebody put on Exile on Mainstreet…

  23. Mick says:

    How could anyone mistake Ronnie Wood for Sally Jewell forchrissakes. Rock on.

  24. Jodie says:

    I used to have a dog who got into everything. One day when I was at work, he pushed the burners out of place and licked up all of the grease and burned food and disgusting mess below them. For weeks after that, I would wake up to these tan colored, runny and very smelly piles of poop all over the floor.

    I now realize that was pleasant compared to the hideous thing above who will be making decisions which affect us all.

  25. Scotty says:

    He looks like Snow Miser.

  26. DJ says:

    Didn’t ‘Exile on Main Street’ debut in 1972 yet Ron Wood join the Stones in 1976?

    Just askin’

  27. The Realist of Queensland says:

    The only button that could be compared to would be on the butt flap of a 49er’s long johns.

  28. scneocon says:

    Sally Jewell & Rosa DeLauro – Perfect bookends for the Progressive’s war on beauty.

  29. scneocon says:

    If Sam Waterston has a fugly, left-wing, tree hugging sister with “sensible shoes” – she’s a ringer.

  30. Tchhht!!! says:

    Is that her nose or is she eating a banana?

  31. Duck Fupp says:

    Come on people, focus! They are destroying everything we know and love about America, and you are concerned with how she looks? It is time for a real revolution.
    But I guess it is no big deal, we can always get our oil from those nice people in the desert…..and they need our money more than we do. They have enemies to erase!

  32. Tchhht!!! says:

    Duck Fupp,

    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

  33. benjamin harrison says:

    Charlie Callas looks with the intellect of a snail darter in an irrigation pump.Wait,that may be demeaning to the snail darter…and Charlie Callas.

  34. SNuss says:

    RE: “I know tax is a dirty word, but if we were paying a carbon tax that accounted for our impact on greenhouse gases, that would in fact change our consumption,” explained Mrs. Jewell in 2009.

    She IS right about such a tax “reducing our consumption”.

    It would also reduce our level of employment, our GDP, our standard of living, and numerous other undesirable results. That is what happens when socialist/Marxists run (and destroy) our economy.

  35. JoeK Loth says:

    She should also be shot.

  36. JoeK Loth says:

    Dmgore says:
    February 8, 2013 at 11:56 am
    Why do most liberal women look like that?

    Cause it is better for Mother Earth if you don’t buy and use make-up(cause the ugliness still shines through). The short hair is a prerequisite of a scumbag liEberal. When you have a “Butch” haircut, you use less or even no haircare products, which is nicer for the earth but brutal for those of us who have to look at them.

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