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Mar 25 2020

Radical Environmentalists Welcome Wuhan Virus

Some are enjoying the Wuhan virus, and will enjoy it even more if it lives up to the hype and massive numbers die. I’m not talking about the congressional Democrats who have tried to exploit it as a gun to hold to the head of the economy so as to impose their agenda. I mean radical environmentalists. According to their ideology, anything that kills people is good:

Presumably in response to outrage, Extinction Rebellion’s official leadership is spinning this as a false flag operation. However:

If it has been a ‘far right’ disinformation operation, it appears to have fooled pretty much the entirety of the XR movement – which has repeatedly tweeted its views and seems to share many of them.

It is also consistent with the concept that people are bad for the planet and therefore the population must be reduced, which is a pillar of environmentalist dogma. As United Nations climate commissar, Christiana Figueres explicitly called for doing “everything possible” to reduce the human population. Some have taken the ideology to its logical conclusion by calling for human extinction.

Radical environmentalists are politically ambitious. In destabilized times, they could end up in a position to impose their will. Already the Democrat Party has packaged part of their alarming agenda as the Green New Deal.

Communists and Nazis killed a lot of people. Imagine maniacs just as authoritarian coming to power with a platform that holds human life as inherently bad. Radical environmentalism is the most malevolent ideology ever devised.

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