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Apr 24 2019

Radical Fat Liberation

Cultural Marxism is effective because it allows malcontents and their exploiters to attack the core of society on countless fronts. One front is radical fat liberation, which like feminism, black supremacism, the LGBT agenda, et cetera, can serve as a vehicle for all manner of moonbattery:

A woman who calls herself ‘The Fat Sex Therapist’ gave a speech to St. Olaf College in Minnesota during which she claimed that diet culture was a form of “assault” and that weight loss science was “white supremacy”.

If diets are the same thing as assault, they can also be the same thing as sex; therefore, underage children must be allowed to eat whatever they please.

“I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet the same way a child cannot consent to having sex,” Sonalee Rashatwar told the audience during a two hour speech on the topic of “radical fat liberation”.

Sonalee explains that “diet culture” is assault because it impacts the way she experiences her body. She ought to turn herself in to the police; calling herself fat must also be assault.

Rashatwar went on to assert that science was a tool of “white supremacy”.

She is right there, to the extent that the overwhelming majority of significant scientific advances are the product of Western Civilization, which is what Cultural Marxists like herself are trying to tear down when they shriek about “white supremacy.”

Sonalee also proclaimed that “fatphobia” (aka physical fitness) is a form of Nazism and took the moonbattery further still with a demand that others subsidize food costs for the morbidly obese. If healthcare is a human right as Democrats insist, then surely food must be too. That means you have a right to force others to provide it through the instrument of government.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.

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