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Apr 22 2019

Ralph Northam Declares War on Jefferson Davis

The War on History is largely a matter of virtue signaling. For example, liberals believe they can prove their goodness and decency by being first in line to push Kate Smith off the cliff into oblivion for having sung songs that in the current climate would be considered politically incorrect.

Establishing virtue by seeking out sacrificial victims to immolate is never noble. It reaches new depths of contemptibleness when practiced by Ralph Northam, disgraced Governor of Virginia.

Ralph Northam is a thought criminal. Not because he called for newborns to be murdered. Not because he was assisted into power by a joltingly racist political ad that he refused to condemn. The thought police have no problem with killing kids, and the racist ad demonized Northam’s fellow Caucasians. His thought crimes are trivial: having had the nickname “Coonman” in college and having worn blackface while goofing around in medical school.

Now he hopes to expiate these sins at the expense of American heritage.

Northam has called for the removal of the Jefferson Davis Memorial arch at Fort Monroe [a decommissioned military installation in Hampton, VA], saying its continued presence has an “adverse effect” on the historic property and urged the authority’s board of trustees to initiate steps to take it down.

Northam also wants all references to Jefferson Davis Memorial Park to be erased. That will make us realize that he is a good person who reveres those of politically preferred pigmentation.

A little background:

The archway entrance to the Jefferson Davis Memorial Park was built on the ramparts in 1956 by the Army on behalf of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The group paid $10,000 to build the 50-foot wrought iron structure.

That is about $94,000 in today’s inflated dollars.

Davis, the former U.S. Secretary of War and president of the confederacy, was incarcerated for treason within a casemate cell, a mere walking distance from the archway and park.

Learn what you can while you can about Jefferson Davis. Despite being a key figure in American history, he is undergoing erasure.

If Southerners had known how vindictively and dishonorably their memory would be abused and demolished, they would have fought to the last man. However, no one in the 19th century could have predicted that we would degenerate to the extreme of electing mollusks like Ralph Northam.

On tips from Jester and Eddie_Valiant.

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