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Oct 19 2019

Rand Paul Encounters Liberal Civility

As explicitly encouraged by Democrat congresscritter Maxine Waters and by the Washington Post, liberal civility continues to make it difficult for well-known Republicans to dine out. Progressives have bestowed their civility upon Kirstjen Nielsen, Ted Cruz, and Mitch McConnell. Now they serve up a helping to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Via Washington Examiner:

“While having lunch with @RandPaul in California, we got verbally assaulted by these aggressive libs complaining about incivility. Check out the vid! #unhinged,” Sergio Gor, the deputy chief of staff for Paul, said Friday on Twitter.

Complaining about incivility, no less. The lack of self-awareness is almost psychotic.

The video starts with a woman flipping off the camera as it appears she is trying to operate her cellphone’s camera.

From there it goes downhill. Mind your ears; liberal civility often entails language that is unsuitable for children and polite company:

At least they didn’t break five of Paul’s ribs, unlike his comparably civil moonbat neighbor.

On a tip from Bluto.

One Response to “Rand Paul Encounters Liberal Civility”

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