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May 25 2019

Raping to Death the Lapdogs Americans Won’t

It goes without saying that moonbats couldn’t care less about American citizens, but aren’t they at least concerned for the animals? Undocumented Democrat Fidel Lopez got the sanctuary treatment after raping to death a little Lhasa Apso.

The judge gave him the max: 60 days.

Following his sentence, Lopez was immediately released because he had already served 60 days while waiting to stand trial. Despite his illegal alien status, Multnomah County, Oregon officials released Lopez back into the community.

ICE had requested that this criminal fiend be turned over to them for deportation. This request was ignored by the moonbats running Oregon, which is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, if not for little doggies.

Despite not being notified of his release, ICE got its hands on Lopez and will presumably deport him, putting him to the minor inconvenience of sneaking back in across a border that Democrats will not allow to be defended effectively.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

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