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Oct 17 2012

Rationing Takes Its Toll Under British Socialized Medicine — As It Will Here

Liberal lies notwithstanding, ObamaCare does in fact impose a “Payment Advisory Board” — a.k.a. Death Panel — to ration medical care. Once again Britain provides a graphic illustration of what this will mean for aging Americans if Obama is not defeated and ObamaCare is not repealed:

An elderly woman died alone after doctors failed to tell relatives they were ending her life on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway.

Olive Goom, 85, passed away with no one by her side after medics neglected to consult with her family about her treatment at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. …

As Miss Goom lay dying alone, staff reassured relatives on the phone just hours before her death that there was no urgent need to visit — even though doctors had already removed tubes providing vital food and fluids.

Her family discovered that she had died only when her niece went to visit her and found she was already being prepared for the mortuary. They said last night that they will never be able to stop feeling guilty that no one was there in her final hours.

It isn’t much consolation, but in a sense Olive Goom didn’t die alone. Bureaucrats have told general practitioners to cut expenses by putting 1% of patients on the “death list.” Yes I’m serious:

GPs have been asked to select one in every 100 of their patients to go on a list of those likely to die over the next 12 months.

The patients will be singled out for ‘end-of-life care’, potentially saving the NHS more than £1billion a year.

As alternatives to this sort of rationing, once ObamaCare is fully implemented we could have Ben Bernanke print up enough play money to pay for healthcare for everyone, or we could keep raising taxes until the entire economy collapses under the weight of government.

Olive Goom, dead of socialized medicine.

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19 Responses to “Rationing Takes Its Toll Under British Socialized Medicine — As It Will Here”

  1. Sam Adams says:

    Granny no longer pays taxes, therefore eliminating her and many like her will save the government money.

    The irony is that 50 million “children” in the US have already been sacrificed; children that could be adding to the tax base so that we can afford to keep Granny alive.

  2. ‘As it will here’ only if we allow this madness to fester

  3. wingmann says:

    Rest in peace Olive.
    You did not die alone.

  4. Musicmaven says:

    They can kill the unborn and the elderly but capital punishment for the most violent of criminals is still considered to be “cruel and unusual punishment”. How does this make sense?????

  5. jeigheff says:

    I wonder if any of the hospital staff will held accountable for deceiving Ms. Goom’s family?

    It must be very awkward for the killers to have to any involvement with the distraught families of their soon-to-be victims.

  6. Henry says:

    Nothing will change until the UK folks fight back against these murderers.

    The time is getting close to when we too must decide if we are subjects or citizens…

  7. Sam Adams says:

    The folks in the UK have been subjects for the past 2000 years. Those who desired to be citizens left there a long time ago.

    As to ObamaCare….Nope, Mr. Obama; I will not submit. I am a citizen, not a subject and your are my employee, not my master. An employee who, by the way, had better start polishing up your resume. You might even look into getting your law license back.

  8. Jimbo says:

    I’ll die of acute lead poisoning before I die in a Barry-Care compound.

    And to those dipshits who dream of serving on a Barry-Care death panel – I hope like hell your names and meeting places are a matter of public record. Believe me when I say you will be competing against other death panels with a strategy you won’t like.

  9. 762x51 says:

    So she was born in 1927. That means that the Great Depression couldn’t kill her, the Nazis couldn’t kill her, the Cold War couldn’t kill her, Global Warming couldn’t kill her but Socialized Medicine can kill anyone.

    “The patients will be singled out for ‘end-of-life care’, potentially saving the NHS more than £1billion a year.”

    End your life care, well as long as it saves money . . .

    This is exactly why elites like the vile Nasty Pelosi exempt themselves from these laws.

    I wonder how they would feel if for every one of us they killed, we killed one of them?

    Rulers take note – THIS WILL BE MY POLICY IF YOU TRY IT HERE! and I will start with those ON the death panel.

    We have reached a breaking point, you either stand against these scum or bow to them, there is no longer a middle ground.

  10. Aridog says:

    Well, citizens, as of 01 October 2012, rationing under Obamacare has begun. Under Medicare, even with super supplemental insurance (“Cadillac Plans to be taxed at 40% by 2018) try and get re-admitted to a hospital once discharged…you know, if something goes wrong?

    And guess what? This new “rule”, with a severe $100K+ penalty to the hospital, applies to “admissions” for out patient treatment and therapies. Once they “discharge” you from care (and that IS the word used), you better not relapse for 31 days.

    Effective now there is government pressure to discharge you quickly and with a new wrinkle to not re-admit you if discharged too quickly.

    Paging Sarah Palin! Paging Sarah Palin!….never mind, too late, it has already happened.

  11. Musicmaven says:

    That’s a 1% that you definitely do not want to be a part of!

  12. Bloodless Coup says:

    Must Watch Video Now Going Viral

    The Obama Phone Re-Mix

  13. bobdog says:

    Well, why don’t they just spare us all some trouble and draw up their list? Then go out and shoot the unlucky, record the cost savings, and have a nice day.

    I wonder why Hollywood doesn’t remake Soylent Green and Logan’s Run? They’ve done remakes of just about every other film made over the past 70 years.

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  16. In fairness, she was old and likely to die eventually anyway. The medical staff didn’t kill her (this time), they simply withheld care. Something else killed her (likely old age). The main problem here is that it deprives individuals of the choice ot impoverish their families to cling to life in a hospital bed for another week or two. Just as with insurance not covering certain procedures based on cost effectiveness, you would still have the freedom to ay for it yourself if you wanted it that bad. But under Obamacare, you get no choices except to travel to Burmuda or Mexico to get what you need done.

  17. Aridog says:

    Professor Hale says:

    In fairness, she was old and likely to die eventually anyway. The medical staff didn’t kill her (this time), they simply withheld care.

    With due respect … and without getting in to the ethics and morality of it all, I find that “logic” a cop out. A fallacy defense at best.

    If you withhold care of someone you are responsible for, you ARE the proximate cause of death because you had the ability to intervene. I did not see in the citations where Miss Groom had be advised of the medical efficiency decision, let alone agreed with it. Humans are very intelligent and cognizant, and it is the height of arrogant hubris for doctors to not level with patients and seek agreement.

    A simple definition of true power is that it accrues to those who have the ability to intervene and do so to prevent or stop something, whether it is a lonely death or a bloody war. Failure to exercise such ability is an abuse of power.

    When I was diagnosed with cancer the doctors were all very cordial and professional, not shying away from the de rigueur time frames of 2,3,5, whatever years life expectancy remaining, depending upon treatment X or treatment Y. We were able to make an informed choice as a result that both the doctors and I knew lead to X or Y at worst, or recovery at best.

    I can certify that no doctor should seek to be my attending physician if I get the idea he/she’s scheduled me, without discussion with me, for the 1% drop dead list…I promise we will go out of this mortal coil together. My last great act of defiance, if you will….I have friends who will bring me my tools.

  18. whotothewhat says:

    Obama Care should be repealed and Romney has stated he will do just that if elected. But what I find troubling is there is now a increasing chorus of Conseratives that are stating that Obama care will not be repealed that it can’t. This why we get stuck with the ever increaseing Govenment control with programs like this. This nation is going to get a reboot. Either we do it ourselves before it gets much worse or it will happen on its own when the economy collaspes.I would rather have no health care then Obama care or universal health care.

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