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Feb 11 2024

Rave at the Nave

If there are no child play centers available, perverts might consider booking Canterbury Cathedral, which is already being used for rave parties:

Some called it the “Rave at the Nave,” but others use terms like “sacrilege” to describe two ’90s-themed silent discos held at one of the United Kingdom’s oldest cathedrals. …

Founded in 597 CE, the church is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the senior bishop of the Church of England and principal leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

A petition attempting to put a stop to this desecration noted that hosting rave parties in Canterbury Cathedral…

…will not bring young people closer to Christ, rather it will send the message that Christ and His Church, and all the truth, beauty and goodness it has to offer, are unimportant. That entertainment deserves our attention more than God. That Christians do not take their faith or their holy places seriously.


Appeals to the history and sanctity of the cathedral did not sway church leadership, who insisted that the revelers be allowed to discover Canterbury “on their own terms.”

Best not to imagine how this might apply to the LGBT community.

On a tip from Jodie.


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