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May 15 2019

Ray Blanchard Spends 24 Hours in Twitter Gulag

Gender dysphoria expert Ray Blanchard recently learned how rigidly ideological Twitter has become when he was banned for expressing a viewpoint on sex change surgery that is left of center but not left enough:

On Saturday, Ray Blanchard — the Ph.D. psychologist and adjunct professor at the University of Toronto who served on the working group for gender dysphoria (the persistent condition of identifying with the gender opposite your biological sex) for the DSM V, the gold standard of definitions helping psychologists diagnose disorders for patients — tweeted out his clinically-informed opinion on transgender identity.

Blanchard is not exactly right-wing in his views. Despite the large number of transsexuals who regret mutilating their bodies and want to change back, he advocates the abomination of sex change surgery in some cases. However, he doesn’t want to inflict it on children, the vast majority of whom get over “gender dysphoria” once they pass through puberty. Also, he acknowledges the indisputable scientific fact that biologically you will remain whatever sex you were at birth, no matter what horrific surgical and pharmaceutical deformations you inflict on yourself.

For this, Twitter banned him for “hateful conduct.” No doubt responding to pushback even from some liberals, Twitter lifted the ban 24 hours later.

Even if Twitter deigns to let him tweet now, the point was still made. It isn’t enough to be left of center. You must keep all dials turned as far to the left as they can possibly go if you want to be sure Twitter doesn’t ban you. Scientific accuracy and concordance with the DSM are no defense.

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