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May 02 2021

Rebellion Succeeds Within Episcopal Church

As the Long March Through the Institutions corrupts Christian denominations by subverting them with moonbattery, local churches have a duty to rebel. In Fort Worth, a revolt within the Episcopal Church has found success.

The US Supreme Court has let stand a Texas Supreme Court ruling giving Episcopal dissidents $100 million worth of disputed property.

The case, All Saints’ Episcopal Church v. Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, has particular application for mainline Protestant denominations that assert corporate ownership of church property — such as the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Methodist Church.

As a result of the ruling,

[M]embers of five North Texas Episcopal churches had to vacate their buildings and turn over the keys to a group of dissidents that several years earlier had broken with the national denomination over the ordination of women priests and the inclusion of LGBTQ Christians.

“Inclusion of LGBTQ Christians” is liberalese for approving of behavior explicitly prohibited in the strongest terms in the Bible.

The hierarchy of the Episcopal Church embraces the liberal social agenda. Locally, there has been resistance. The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth voted to leave the denomination, but its independence was not recognized by the church at the national level, setting off years of litigation.

Unlike Baptists and others in the free church tradition where local congregations own and manage their own properties, the Episcopal Church claims title to all its affiliated church properties. The same is generally true for Methodists and Presbyterians, which also has led to similar disputes in recent years.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) and United Methodist Church both filed friend-of-the-court briefs with the Supremes, hoping to suppress the Episcopal rebellion.

Corporate CEOs reject sound business practice to placate the liberal mob. Similarly, church leadership has betrayed the faith in favor of the Cult of Wokeness across denominations.

The hope among progressives is that Christianity can be hollowed out, leaving the churches intact but replacing the Gospel with social justice propaganda. This would provide them with another means of controlling the population.

Congregations don’t have to submit to this willingly. The threat of secession may keep leadership from succumbing to political pressure from leftists.


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