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Jun 26 2022

Recommended Reading: Equality

The more radical and intransigent liberals become, the less remote the possibility of a second civil war. A Democrat power grab could set off a chain of events that would split the country apart, giving progressives their chance to create the utopia of their dreams. For an idea of what that might look like, read Equality by Daniel Watts.

Equality is a nation where all outcomes are guaranteed to be equitable. It offers everything liberals demand, including a right to basic needs, alternative pronouns, omnipotent bureaucracy, nasty vegan food, green transportation, total government control of child-rearing, and a prevailing horror of firearms that are not in government hands.

In this collectivist nightmare, everyone lives in terror of causing offense, and is expected to have perverted sex with anyone who wants it. As per current Democrat policy, a miserable standard of living is inflicted in the name of the climate.

The Friendship Exchange, Equality’s answer to Facebook, enlists the citizenry to police itself for political correctness. Weaponized mobs destroy “bigots.”

The book’s best feature is the dry sense of humor, but it has its heavy moments. A school field trip to witness an abortion is more horrifying than anything Stephen King will come up with, as is the fate of children who don’t adjust well to pedophilia. The story ends with a punch to the gut.

If you liked 1984 and Brave New World and want something that extrapolates from current trends, Equality is highly recommended.


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