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Aug 14 2020

Reggie Cannon’s Fans Disgust Him

It isn’t just the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Pro soccer also insists on ramming leftist politics down the audience’s throat. Fans who don’t like to see their country insulted are denounced as “disgusting.”

Via Fox News:

FC Dallas defender Reggie Cannon lashed out at fans who booed as his teammates and Nashville SC players knelt during the national anthem ahead of their Wednesday night matchup. …

“I think it was disgusting. I think it was absolutely disgusting,” Cannon said, according to “You got fans booing you for people taking a stand for what they believe in. Millions of other people support this cause and we discussed with every other team and the league what we’re going to do and we’ve got fans booing us in our own stadium. How disgraceful is that? Honestly, for lack of a better word, it pissed me off. … You can’t even have support form your own fans in your own stadium. It’s baffling to me.”

Baffling? For those who aren’t blinded by propaganda, love for this country is not that hard to understand.

Nobody likes racial injustice or police brutality. No one likes smog either. That doesn’t mean you would expect audiences to cheer you for disrespecting the national anthem in the name of banning cars.

People come to sports events to watch sports — not to participate in extremist political rallies.

Cannon should be grateful that he has any fans. Without them, it would be hard to make money kicking a ball back and forth.

Black Lives Matter mania could be an opportunity for soccer, as people turn away from more popular sports in horror at seeing former heroes kneeling in obeisance to a radical ideology that came to prominence largely through rioting. Looks like the opportunity will be wasted.

Cannon is a US national team member. It is not too much to ask people who represent the country to refrain from public displays of disrespect for it.

Dallas fans compensated for the players’ lack of patriotism by chanting “USA.” They need athletes less than athletes need them.

To top it off, Cannon’s team lost 1-0.

Cannon sounds off against his fans.

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