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Jun 18 2016

Release the Measurements

We can’t trust him to become national socialist dictator until he has made full disclosure. The Donald needs to release his hand measurements now:

To sign the petition or donate, visit Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands PAC. Whether he is really a billionaire is another matter.

Even if we can’t stop this fraud from eliminating organized resistance to progressivism by destroying the Republican Party, at least we can have a good laugh as we watch it all collapse.

On a tip from Torcer.

87 Responses to “Release the Measurements”

  1. cecil11 says:

    Anything to avoid the issues. Just anything.

    Thanks Jeb!!!!

  2. Willard the Newt says:

    “Even if we can’t stop this fraud from eliminating organized resistance to progressivism by destroying the Republican Party…” — Davey Wavey
    Yeah, as if the Republican Party is standing in the way of progressivism.
    What an unfunny joke Moonbattery has become!

  3. Daniel says:

    Here’s how you know they are mentally lost:

    * Supports Cruz without question or scrutiny and when it is revealed he is born of parents which are of questionable status and that he hides his immigration status they just scream “he’s qualified! the issue is closed! no evidence needed!!”
    * Hates Trump for “what he might do” or who knows what else, but after a full year of people digging at him and his past and present, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING of any consequence has had any impact on his campaign.

    Now that Trump has effectively become the nominee, people should be deciding if Trump is better than Hillary. If you have decided that Hillary is better, I can perfectly understand why Blount and company would keep pushing the anti-Trump agenda. But if not, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH?

    Perhaps not trying to accomplish anything at all and are, instead, still expressing rage and self-pity or some other selfish and childish emotion.

    We’ve got a nation to rebuild. We have a culture to rebuild. White people have politically been forced to leave our in-group preferences behind while non-white people are free to favor their own. This has been a disaster not just for “white people” but for everything white people has built and maintained — something which other people do not and have not done on their own. Not even the likes of Japan and China would have become what they are without the influences of the white western way. Focus on the issues people.

    Trump has won. If you want to tear him down now, you’re literally working to tear down what’s left of the USA and the white first-world which benefits EVERYONE.

  4. Not that I’m a Trumpanzee, but I’m just curious – when you speak of the Republican party’s “organized resistance to progressivism”, exactly what the hell are you talking about?

    I haven’t seen a thing from the Grand Old Party in the last twenty years that could even remotely be considered as “resistance”. Oh, sure – they talk tough, especially during election cycles, but actions? Pfffft!

    Trump is certainly not the answer, but the GOP has to go. If Trump is the catalyst for this change, then more power to him.

  5. Tom says:

    “Even if we can’t stop this fraud from eliminating organized resistance to progressivism by destroying the Republican Party, at least we can have a good laugh as we watch it all collapse.”

    So when can we expect to see you out raging with the Mexican-flag-wavers while you beat up Trump supporters? I mean, Hell, you hate Trump just as much – if not MORE…yeah, definitely more – than any goddam illegal, right? And you’ll be beating up these fellow Americans for America, not for Mexico, so your anger is RIGHTEOUS!!

    Why don’t you go marching down the street with the other Trump-haters? I mean, you hate him just like Black Lives Matter folks hate him, just like the La Raza screamers hate him, just like Elizabeth Warren hates him, just like the frickin’ brutes rioting in the streets and throwing molotov cocktails hate him, right?

    It seems like your feeling is – and this is reflected in your posts – that By God, nobody but NOBODY takes a back seat to you when it comes to hating Trump!

    So why don’t you go join up with all these wonderful, only-want-what’s-best-for-America groups with whom you have such a strong affinity?

    I mean if the enemy (BLM, La Raza, CAIR, etc. etc.) of MY enemy (Trump) is my friend…aren’t you allying yourself with some pretty skeevy folks?

  6. Henry says:

    Propping up the puerile “He has a small weenie… tee hee hee” meme?

    This site is an empty shell… maybe I’ll come back in November.

  7. Henry says:

  8. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The simple truth is that the only feeble resistance that exists to the onward movement of Progressivism is to be found in the Republican Party. We used to refer to it as the TEA Party movement. We saw how the GOP leaders in congress attacked any conservative they could find (notably guys like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz). The conservative revolt (of the people) of 2010 is but a distant memory now.

    And then along comes Trump. Many here and elsewhere, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, accept Trump as a “conservative.” Many see him as “America’s last hope.” Many see him as an answer to prayer (I kid you not).

    This in light of the fact that Trump accepts all sorts of large government solutions to problems, the antithesis of what it actually means to be a conservative.

    And by Trump being accepted as a “conservative” he has literally destroyed the term “conservative.”

    If the GOP goes, and Trump is the catalyst, what happens next? Where do conservatives actually go (particularly if Trump is the standard-bearer of this new movement)?

  9. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The only thing that possibly convinces me to vote for Trump is Hillary.

  10. Troll Magnet says:

    i also think 762×51 should release his psychiatric evaluation… he keep fantasizing about special forces and such. poor guy.

  11. pandelume . says:

    When Spy magazine called him a “short-fingered vulgarian” they weren’t talking about his parts. They implied that he was a cheap m-fer and his hands couldn’t reach into his pockets to pay. Like saying he had “alligator arms”.

  12. pandelume . says:

    That’s some world-class question-begging right there

  13. pandelume . says:

    Principles are just going to weigh you down, Mr. Freemarket. Jettison them, and join the trumpsters in their collective leap into the dark

  14. MAS says:

    Fixate much?

  15. MAS says:

    Great idea let’s leave and never post here again!

  16. Gex says:

    speaking of frauds dave……..could you help me out here…….do you remember the name of the web site that kept posting a picture of a bruised arm over and over and over while blaming the bruises on trump.
    help me again dave…..cause the name of the woman escapes me now……but there was a website that posted her satirical article that she had given up on her conservative principles and was going to vote for trump…..that website basically called her every name in the book…….then when everyone pointed out how that website must be run by absolute idiots ….cause everyone that understands English knew her article was satire….that website changed its original response to support her…….do you remember the name of that website dave

  17. Nobama says:

    Your fears are completely unfounded. No one considers Trump to represent the Republican Party, and definitely not the ‘real’ conservative movement. He’s simply the anti-GOP, anti-politician, and everyone on both sides knows it. How do you think he won the republican nomination?

    Trump is just Trump. He’s been in the public eye for 4 decades now. He defies labels and party affiliations. His positions have been all over the map over the years.

    We conservatives supporting Trump now simply hope he’ll stop the flood of welfare-dependent 3rd world foreigners. If more large state turns democrat, its all over. Nothing else matters. What is it you #NeverTrumpers don’t understand about this?

    IMO It’s no longer about Republicans vs. Democrats, or even progressives vs. conservatives. It’s now the globalists vs. American sovereignty. And there’s plenty on the Republican and even so-called conservative side who are willing to sacrifice American sovereignty to the globalists (read some of Pat Buchanan’s books for more details, as he predicted so much of what’s going on years ago).

    When the battle changes, you must adapt and change your strategy and tactics. And as greatly flawed as Trump is, he’s best suited for the job IMO, perhaps even more so than my original candidate of choice, Ted Cruz.

  18. Nobama says:

    MB used to be my favorite go-to site. I’ve turned many people on to it over the years. I’d even go out of my way and take the extra time to click on 3 or 4 ads every time I visited it, just to make sure I helped support it financially.

    Not anymore. I’ve removed it from all my web browser favorites so I’m not tempted to visit it. Not worth it anymore.

  19. Nobama says:

    Principles don’t win wars.

    The war now is between the Globalists vs. American Sovereignty. And the globalists don’t give one damn about our Constitution, nor our principles.

  20. Troll Magnet says:


  21. Troll Magnet says:

    I nominate what we’re observing here on MB for the Butthurt of The Century Award! It’s a temper tantrum of the Cruz fanboys. Pathetic.

  22. Troll Magnet says:

    Trump is the long overdue awakening of the nationalist spirit! Finally somebody is putting America first an not apologizing for it!

  23. Troll Magnet says:

    Still waiting for Dave to retract the pathetic white knighting he embarked on to perpetuate her fraudulent accusations, simply because it served his anti Trump cause. What a joke this place has become. Though the comments section has be unbelievably entertaining the last couple of days 😀 Exposing the delusional anti Trumpers for the little brats they are is what keeps me coming back 😉

  24. MicahStone says:

    Like OBOZO, Trump is “small” in many, many ways.

  25. 762x51 says:

    What a pathetic worm you are. Pretending I’m “fantasizing” about my real life and that you, who only play at do what I have really done, were some how able to “carve me up”. Playing your silly game only makes you a gun shooter, I am a gunfighter, there is a “YUGE” difference you cannot even begin to imagine until you have actually done it. Something you lack the courage to even try, You hide behind your keyboard when the chance to go into a real gunfight comes along then obsess over the man you cannot only not defeat, you don’t even have the courage to face.

    Tell you what, I’ll go get one done and bring it with me. You meet me and somehow manage to kill me and you can have it. So pussy, you going man up and show us all what you have for real or are you going to continue to hide and whine like the cowardly, impotent Progressive turd eater we all believe you to be?

    Man up or shut up chicken shit.

  26. 762x51 says:

    That’s how cowards operate. He thinks that shooting in an IDPA match makes him a real gun fighter. That some how, in his deranged mind, shooting against cardboard targets and the clock is the same as shooting against an enemy who is trying to kill you. I offered to provide him with a real gun fight to test his skills in combat and he chickened out. Now all he has is this pathetic obsession and his fantasy that he has somehow “carved me up”.

    Ask him about the body count at his last IDPA match or something similar, then stand back and watch the butt hurt flow. LOL

  27. 762x51 says:

    Ja Vohl!! National Socialism! LOL. Just the opportunity a goose stepping, impotent moron like you has been waiting for. You can get your “big brother” to beat up who every you want, just like you used to do as a kid since we all know you can’t do it yourself.

    Will there still be IDPA matches in this fascist utopia of yours or will you finally be able to show everyone how tough you are by ordering mass executions of those who will not bow down to you?

    Still waiting for you show up and prove yourself, pussy.

  28. 762x51 says:

    Nor does tRump. His knowledge of the Constitution is limited to knowing there is one. It is just another set of rules to be skirted for his own benefit.

    Principles DO win wars. if they didn’t, you would be eating bratwurst and worshiping the swastika now. Without principles, there would not be any differences between good and evil. Principled people do not start wars, we just finish them.

  29. MAS says:

    “I offered to provide him with a real gun fight to test his skills in combat and he chickened out”

    Simunitions? Ya gotta love the weekend warriors when they convince themselves that making holes in paper or a gong ring is the same as the real deal.

  30. 762x51 says:

    There hasn’t been an article on Ted Cruz posted here since he left the race. The only ones still obsessed with him are you Trumpanzees. Given that you are all Progressives and the fact that Progressives are all natural born racists, it is clear that your continued preoccupation with him is his Hispanic heritage.

    Question for you fucktard, just wondering about the procedural penalties in an IDPA match. Do you get seconds taken off your time or points off your score. I don’t know because in the “matches” I shoot in, a procedural penalty means people die.

  31. MAS says:

    Troll Magnet eh? Seems to have worked one stuck and won’t let go…took over your personality.

  32. 762x51 says:

    Umm, no, live ammunition in a remote environment, someone dies. We don’t gun fight with simunitions.

    Troll Maggot is the paper shooter, not me.

  33. Troll Magnet says:

    You challange everyone you disagree with do a gun fight? You really are a mental case. Seek help.

  34. 762x51 says:

    Absolutely not, only serious douche bags such as yourself.

    Now, man up or shut up,

  35. Troll Magnet says:

    yea tell us again about your knife kill

  36. MAS says:

    You’re back in the world now 308…chill. Pencil necks like Troll are not worth the BP spike.

  37. 762x51 says:

    I never told you about any of it to start with asshole.

    A demonstration can be arranged, if only you weren’t such a coward.

  38. Troll Magnet says:

    maybe if he laid off the cheetos and beer and got his fat ass off the couch where he day dreams about being a commando he could get his BP under control hahahahaha

    308, please, why not 338 lapua magnum you pussy? oh that’s right anything over .22 and you need a recoil pad to not hurt your girly shoulder. LOL. what a loser!

  39. MAS says:

    Jr high out for the summer so here you are playing keyboard warrior? Pathetic…

  40. Troll Magnet says:

    short memory you have, lay off the cheese and hit the gym fat ass.

  41. 762x51 says:

    No BP spike at all. I just know that scum like that are going to have to be eliminated if America is going to be the country it was supposed to be. I know that civil war is inevitable now so getting started is what makes sense. Waiting only serves the Progressive agenda.

    Don’t underestimate fascists like Maggot, in a herd, which is the only place they have any “guts”, they are very dangerous.

    But in the final analysis, my oath to support and defend the Constitution, observance of my code of conduct, “I stand ready to close with, engage and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat” and to not discard that which my brothers and millions of others over the last 240 years, sacrificed their lives for is my motivation. I understand my duty to the Constitution, to history and to my progeny. Maggot and his kind are just targets awaiting engagement in that fight. When it occurs is irrelevant.

  42. MicahStone says:

    OBOZO has shown that being “SMALL” is never good….

  43. 762x51 says:

    “Loser” parroted the tRump troll. AAAWWWWKK!!

    The .338LM is a rarity in military forces, usually found only in the hands of SEAL snipers. I was never a SEAL and since I don’t engage in fantasy like you do, I limit myself to the real world. I have carried both the 5.56mm x 45mm and 7.62mm x 51mm in combat. I’ve used the M67, 90mm some years back under “special circumstances” but didn’t carry it regularly and have trained with many weapons systems like the M61 20mm Vulcan canon and M252 81mm mortar. I’ve also trained with foreign weapons systems like the AK variants but they were not part of my daily carry as a rule. I also don’t claim them because they were not in my MOS. An MOS is what real soldiers get when they train to a job.

    Of all of that, I prefer the 7.62×51, I’m willing to trade the weight and some what reduced ammo load out for the undisputed stopping power of the round. A paper puncher like you only cares where the hole appears in your carefully scripted, practiced run through a known course of fire. Your game focuses on 1. safety, 2. accuracy, 3. score. Some win some lose and get to try again in the next game. On the battlefield we care about 1. staying alive, 2. killing the enemy, 3. getting home. Some win, some lose and are never seen or heard from again.

    See, little boy, it’s not about how much recoil you can take because felt recoil is less important than staying alive. Only an insecure wimp would think that being able to handle a given amount of recoil means anything to any one other than his self absorbed self.

    BTW, recoil pads are for civilians, you know game players.

    You want to see a pussy, look in the mirror, pussy.

    Man or shut up, chicken shit.

  44. 762x51 says:

    Short penis you have, Maggot.

    Lay off the gay porn and hit job market.

  45. J.j. Cintia says:

    Isn’t this what that half-pint Cubano gnome said when he didn’t have his record needle stuck? I hear he’s running for Senate now. He should consider running to another country like his homeland Cuba.

  46. Tom says:

    Well, how’s THIS, you pansy-ass poser…why don’t you hop your loser ass on a bus and come on down to connecticut…when you get to connecticut for your “battle to the death”, you post on here where you are, and I’ll come meet you / mop the fucking floor with you since you are obviously living deep, deep in some deranged fantasy world.

    So come on you angry never-even-SEEN-a-real-live-p*ssy, never-been-laid, antisocial ANGRY elf…put your money where your mouth is, scrotum-breath. That’s why you’re so angry, isn’t it? Because you’re still a lonely virgin?

    Come on down to connecticut and steel yourself for an even MORE humiliating experience than that time your auntie caught a glimpse of your “organ” and burst out laughing, you ignorant pud-pounding moron.

  47. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “He’s simply the anti-GOP, anti-politician, and everyone on both sides knows it.”
    A man who has contributed to politicians on both sides for decades in order to get his projects approved (aka buying influence) is not an anti-politician, regardless of what some believe.

    “How do you think he won the republican nomination?”

    Popularity. He’s a TV star.

    “His positions have been all over the map over the years.”

    And yet that fact seems to unconcern you and his supporters.

    “We conservatives supporting Trump now simply hope he’ll stop the flood of welfare-dependent 3rd world foreigners.”

    There’s that “hope” word. I find his record uninspiring, but I hope you are correct.

    ” It’s now the globalists vs. American sovereignty.”

    That’s called abandoning your conservative principles.

    ” And there’s plenty on the Republican and even so-called conservative side who are willing to sacrifice American sovereignty to the globalists ”

    You mean those faux conservatives who are sometimes elected as representing the GOP? Guys like Boehner, McConnell. We used to call them RINOs. We swore that we would not vote for another RINO. So instead of admitting who and what Trump is, we have changed the narrative.

    “And as greatly flawed as Trump is, he’s best suited for the job IMO”

    I wish I shared your optimism.

  48. Mr. Freemarket says:

    I am resisting conversion to the Church of the Branch Trumpidians.

  49. 762x51 says:

    Hmmm, Connecticunt. Home of stringent gun control laws and laws that outlaw possession of much of my “equipment”. All you would have to do is call your government and have them fight me for you. Pass.

    I will meet you, you dirty Progressive fucktard, but some where that is not populated, where you can’t call for help and where no one can get hurt except you. I know of such a place, remote, wild land type area, no civilians, no communications with the outside world. There won’t be a floor to mop, you ass sucker. Just a hole I’ll drop you in before heading to town for a nice steak dinner.

    Every time some Progtard fuck agrees to meet, they always chicken out. What assurances do I have that you will actually follow through and show up? You all are such cowards, I doubt this is real. I’m getting tired of doing the preparation and then no one shows.

    Seems we had this exchange before, little man, and you chickened out. What changed, Tommy? Wife left you? Your dick fell off? Netflix account was cancelled and you found out there was a real world? Lost your Brony collect in a fire? Started menopause? What?

  50. Nobama says:

    You do realize Constitutional principles were set aside in order to win WWII, right? We didn’t just lock up Japanese American citizens (as the America-haters constantly remind us). We locked up German and Italian Americans, too. And it was proven that a fair number of these Americans were proven to be traitorous spies. So it wasn’t for nothing.

    War changes everything. We at war now. Globalists vs. American sovereignty. Muslims vs. The West.

  51. Johnny Monday says:

    LOL. Your Drumpf Train is going off the rails and heading for a massive crash and burn. Your desperation is showing.

  52. Johnny Monday says:

    Then go away and quit whining.

  53. Johnny Monday says:

    Thanks for keeping up the anti-Trump stance regardless of the trolls. Dumping Trump is the best way to save the country.

  54. Tom says:

    TRANSLATION: I’m a chickenshit little crybaby bitch, and your barbs about my being an angry lonely elf-virgin hit home…HARD. I will spout a bunch of BS, and make my little excuses but there’s no way I can leave Mommy’s basement to go to Connecticut! Where is that? In Canada? Who would wash my poo-poo undies?
    Let us know when you get laid, or even see a real live naked woman that you didn’t pay for, loser….it might improve your mood.

  55. Troll Magnet says:

    20mm Vulcan ha? the one that’s mounted on airplanes you mean? hahahahaha you’re so full of shit!

  56. Troll Magnet says:

    cought in a lie you are young jedi. remember commando, internet is forever!

  57. Nobama says:

    It’s Trump or Hillary. Those are our only choices now. One will be president. Yes, I’m trying to be optimist, but honestly, I don’t think Trump has a chance. At the same time, I don’t think Cruz really ever did either. Registered democrats outnumber Republicans by 7%. We’re simply outnumbered and it’s only getting worse. And Dems always stick together no matter what in the end, unlike Republicans and their ‘principles’.

    To me, at this point, having principles means doing everything possible to stop what’s certain to worse than even the last 8 years. At least with Trump there’s a chance of something good happening.

  58. Nobama says:


    And to the #NeverTrumpers, that’s ‘nationalist’ with a little n. Not a capital ‘N’.

  59. Troll Magnet says:

    be careful, you don’t want to bring the wrath of 762×51 upon yourself. god forbid he will shoot you with his 20mm vulcan cannon LOLZ

  60. Nobama says:

    I have mostly. Just checking now and then to see if any logic and reason has set in among the #ElectHillary crowd. Obviously it hasn’t.

  61. Tom says:

    So that’s your response for being proven to be a liar?
    “Short penis you have, Maggot”…?

    That’s the lamest of the lame….I mean, even for a mental midget like you, THAT’S LAME.

    Now, if we hold you to the same standards you want to hold Trump to, we should all be shrieking that you are a LIAR!! LIAR LIAR!! because you posted something off-hand and then didn’t remember it later, right?
    Using your standards, that proves that you are LIAR and a HYPOCRITE, right?

  62. Troll Magnet says:

    isn’t this guy a mental case ha? be careful of his wrath and his 20mm vulcan cannon LOLZ

  63. Troll Magnet says:

    the only “equipment” you have you pathetic fat little virgin is your 3 inch dick you fap to photos of hilary clinton hahahahahaha. equipment!!!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhaahhaha!!!!!!!!!

  64. Troll Magnet says:

    nop, but their mental instability is showing hard! just look at mr 20mm vulcan cannon. be careful though, he might challenge you to a gun fight to the death! over play station network maybe buhahahhahahah!!!!!!

  65. 762x51 says:

    Yeah, that was the Marxist FDR who did that. Maybe not the best example to make your case. During WWI German Americans were also rounded up by the totalitarian Progressive fascist Woodrow Wilson. Another of Progressive fascism I would not look to for justification. I live only a few miles from one of the former Japanese Internment Camp locations, the site is still there, so I am familiar with the program. Fascism is fascism, only fascists justify fascism.

    Here is a list of Americans convicted of treason or espionage during WWII:

    Iva Toguri D’Aquino – Guilty, jailed for 6 years. Pardoned 1977-because of perjured testimony. Died 2006

    Velvalee Dickinson – Guilty of Spying for the Japanese. Jailed. Died 1980

    Mildred Gillars – Guilty, jailed, released in 1961. Died 1988

    Tomoya Kawakita – Guilty, sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment, pardoned in 1963 and deported to Japan.

    Martin James Monti – Guilty and served time in prison post World War II twice 1946-1947 and from 1948 to 1960. Died 2000

    Ezra Pound – mentally unfit to stand trial. Died 1972

    Robert Henry Best – Guilty, sentenced to life in prison. Died 1952.

    The only Japanese on the list, Tomoya Kawakita, was convicted because he stayed in Japan during the war and helped the Japanese there. None were ever held in the internment camps, in fact, no one ever held in the internment camps was ever convicted of espionage or treason, period. Sorry, you are simply wrong about this.

    That means our Constitutional principles were set aside for no benefit gained. The entire exercise, in addition to being unconstitutional and immoral, is useless and ineffective, so why do it?

    Once we start setting aside Constitutional principles, any of them become fair game. What you are supporting is the same argument to set aside “some” of the 2nd Amendment, “for our own protection”, so “terrorists don’t get guns”. Bullshit, terrorists will use every means they can come up with to kill you. Ever hear of IED’s? They are the most patched together, POS device you have ever seen and occasionally blow up in hajji’s face, but they have killed many of my brothers. If you don’t believe that hajji is smuggling weapons across the Mexican border right now, TODAY, with the help of the cartels, you are dreaming. So setting aside just “some” of the 2nd Amendment is bullshit.

    You want to stop Islamic jihad? Kill the bastards on the battlefield. Been there done that, seen it work. None of the hajji’s I’ve killed have ever come back to be a problem. We just weren’t able to kill enough of them because of bad RoE forced on us by politicians in DC. You want a man who will lead as CinC and kill the enemy, you need Gen James Mattis. I would follow him to the gates of hell. I wouldn’t follow tRump into a cocktail party.

  66. 762x51 says:

    Translation, you are a fucking coward who wouldn’t show up.

    So again, pussy bitch, what are my assurances you would actually show? I have an opening the end of July when I can meet, I have a neutral location where we can meet. You need to demonstrate that you actually WILL meet.

    CT is a shit hole, I know exactly where it is, this just exposes you as a northeast Progressive which explains your devotion to the northeast Progressive tRump and your pathetic cowardice.

    Come on bitch, prove I’m not wasting my time, yet again with another Progtard coward and we can get a date set for your demise. You can bring your favorite Brony, I promise to bury it with you.

  67. 762x51 says:

    Probably never be a problem for a coward like you since you will never have the guts to face me.

    Why don’t you two cunts get together, rub wieners and decide when you can both meet, say end of July, to middle of August. I’ll give you 2:1 advantage and you can show Timmy all about IDPA cardboard shooting so he’s not so frightened when the time comes. Fair warning though, Tommy already pussied out on a 2:1 scenario with another Progtard fag like yourself.

    How about it pussies?

  68. Tom says:

    ” I am a gunfighter”…gosh, just like Gary Cooper, huh? So please do tell us…how many “gunfights” have you been in, and where?

    “Tell you what, I’ll go get one done and bring it with me”
    Get one done?
    A perm? Emergency psychiatric evaluation? Anal-bleaching treatment?

    So let’s see…you’ve already admitted you’re afraid to come to Connecticut, and I have no idea in which state Troll Magnet lives, but I’m sure you’ll have some excuse why you can’t unleash your Mighty Vengeance in his state, too.


  69. Nobama says:

    Here’s the problem with all that- OUR CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES HAVE ALREADY BEEN ALL SET ASIDE. That’s the point I’m trying to make. As Mark Levin always states, “We are living in a post Constitutional era.” So what’s the point of letting the leftists force us to play by our rules? That’s one of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

    We’re already in a cold war and the Constitution only exists in name only. It kills me to say it but I’ve come to that conclusion. And it’s going to get much worse unless some drastic change happens. Will Trump really stop the foreign invasion and kick out all the illegals and Muslim refugees? Who knows. At least he’s running his campaign on doing it. At this point we’ve got nothing to lose. He’s also said he’ll declare war on ISIS, which will greatly expand our ability to deal with those in the US, citizen or not. Of course congress will have to declare war but at least Trump is calling for it.

    Anyone who thinks we can come back and win the White House in 2020 is beyond delusional. We’ll most likely never win it again.

  70. Tostig says:

    Threatening to kill people on a public Internet forum is just plain stupid. It could get you in a heap of trouble, and it certainly isn’t a credibility enhancer. You sound like a nutball.

  71. Gex says:

    well…….i guess you told me

  72. 762x51 says:

    Yep, crickets, as I suspected.

  73. 762x51 says:

    The progtards corrupt everything they touch. What that means though is that THEIR Constitutional principles have been corrupted, not mine.

    Progressive-ism isn’t Syphilis, spread by significant physical contact, it is Tuberculosis, spread by airborne contact. However, just because my neighbor contracts the disease, it does not mean I have to accept that I will also get it and just settle for coughing my lungs out 20 years ahead of my normal lifespan. I can fight the spread of the disease and prevent my children from getting it.

    Declaring war on Hajji is a formality seeing as they declared war on us over 15 years ago. That alone won’t solve a damn thing. Thousands of my brothers lay dead because they went to fight a war and found out they were really there to be targets. At this point, the military cannot prosecute a war such as the one that needs to be fought. Not because of a lack of courage, skill, determination etc. on the part of the combat troops but because of the retards in leadership roles both military and civilian who push bad strategy, bad RoE, etc on us when we are there. For example, the preoccupation with so called “collateral damage” is pure Progressive bullshit. The Taliban are a guerrilla force. Guerrilla forces cannot exist much less operate without the support of the local civilian population. That makes those civilians enemy combatants and they are therefore legitimate military targets. Just as the civilian population of Germany and Japan were legitimate military targets because they were the ones who manufactured the planes, tanks, guns, uniforms, etc., the military used to fight. Example 2, WP, White Phosphorus. We used it for decades but can’t now because burning the enemy is bad according to the Progressives. News flash, we still use Napalm. What difference does the mechanism used make? burning to death is the same regardless of the accelerate used. I don’t want to see another American soldier killed by these jihadi vermin until they are turned loose, with every weapon available, to destroy the enemy. If the Congress wants to declare war, fine, first they need to pass laws requiring our military and civilian leadership to prosecute that war all out until victory has been achieved. Without that I will oppose any declaration of war. Until then, Afghanistan is just Vietnam II.

    Eradicating disease requires the carriers to be either quarantined or eliminated and disposed of. Things are about to get worse than you can imagine, it is inevitable, neither you nor I nor tRump can prevent it. If that is why you are voting for him, it is a fools errand.

  74. Nobama says:

    Maybe you missed the news but Trump says he stop this PC war nonsense and bomb the sh!t out of ISIS to destroy them as well as their families. He says he’ll bring back waterboardIng and even more extreme interrogation measures.

  75. 762x51 says:

    Didn’t miss it, I just know better than to trust politician’s words.

    Being waterboarded does suck, but in my experience, being returned to your cell, or worse a stress box, wet to shiver in the cold for hours afterwards sucks even more. I’ve had some of those “more extreme interrogation measures” used on me, they will eventually work to break an enemy if used long enough. He cannot impose them on an enemy without legislation, just as he cannot build a wall without legislation – funding. The crap he is selling you, that you are buying hook, line and sinker, is not possible for him deliver because that isn’t the job. The job of chief executive is to ENFORCE the laws passed by the Legislative Branch, not to make up their own laws. I don’t want Obama to do it and I don’t want tRump to do. I don’t even want Ted Cruz to do it, but then he wouldn’t, because that would violate his principles.

    Electing a fascist who rule with a pen and a phone is just as wrong for you to do as it was for the Democrat Party. No amount of justification, such as stopping Hillary, can right that wrong. Remember, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

  76. Nobama says:

    Not buying anything Trump is saying ‘hook, line and sinker’ (I’ve already said dozens of times I’m #NeverHillary). At least he’s saying it though and that’s a start. And we know damn sure that Hillary’s policies will continue to support the Islamic caliphate.

    While I may have my doubts about Trump, being extremely tough on ISIS isn’t one of them. And the last I checked, waterboarding is still technically legal (Obama chooses not to use it). No need to get congressional approval. And besides, didn’t we ‘outsource’ tougher interrogations to our ME allies when deemed necessary? They’re the ‘experts’ anyway. The president has ways of getting things done in wartime. It’s always been that way.

  77. 762x51 says:

    I was never in the CIA so i can’t speak to what they did at the so called “black sites” but being hooked up to a car battery is on the menu and it sucks far worse than being waterboarded, I do know that from experience. As I said, speaking as someone who has been waterboarded, waterboarding does not qualify as torture. I’d do it to every damn last one of them and make all the others watch until it was their turn.

    The worst part of being waterboarded isn’t even the water as much as the electricity they zap you with and the clubs they hit you with while the water is being poured down your throat. The sissy media thinks it’s just about feeling like you are drowning, ha, that is the easy part.

    tRump is all talk, if he gets elected, something which looks less likely every day now, you will see. Then you will be stuck with Hillary, the external plumbing version. And you will have gained what?

  78. 762x51 says:

    What lie asshole? I never told you wiener boys anything about it, just that it has happened. That is all. Doesn’t make it a lie, just means I’m not going to talk to you two maggots about it. How classically Alinsky of you though. The only lie here is you two fucktards parroting your cult demi-god, LIAR, LIAR, AWWWWKK!!

    When are you two sperm receptacles going have a break in your gangbang schedule to meet me? 2:1 remember? Even a couple of pussies like you can’t be that afraid of me. Or maybe you are.

    Pathetic cock fags.

  79. 762x51 says:

    What lie, dick eater? You telling lies to yourself again?

    Man up or shut up, dick face.

  80. Troll Magnet says:

    Re. Lie. Look at the screen shot above, shit stain. Then tell us again about that knife kill of yours… then tell us if you were sweating or not when you woke up you lying sack of shit.

  81. Tom says:

    “Doesn’t make it a lie…”
    I guess it’s hard to keep track of all your fantasies, huh? So now using YOUR OWN WORDS to prove that your delusions are whirling around you so fast that you can’t remember what BS you spouted in the recent past…is Alinsky-like?
    What a douc…….silly me!
    I was going to call you a douchebag, but a douchebag is used in close proximity to a vagina, so that obviously doesn’t fit the bill when talking about you, the Angry Virgin Elf, who lives in a fantasy world and who has never in his miserable life ever even SEEN a real one, huh? Sorry, your Fleshlite doesn’t count.

  82. 762x51 says:

    You look again jizz breath. I told you I have had to do it, never a word have I spoken to you about what happened so I cannot “tell you again” about it because I never told you anything about it to start with, only that I have had to do it.

    Prove I’m a lying sack of shit, bath house bitch. I know I’m not and I’m proving on every exchange that yiou are a sniveling coward who thinks shooting cardboard id the real thing.

    Try this fucktard, you are walking point through your IDPA course when there are shots fired behind you. Someone yells “contact right”. what do you do?

    In your case, you yank your pistol out of your competition holster and ND yourself in the leg. LOL.

    Man up or shut up, fascist.

  83. 762x51 says:

    Reality just escapes you, doesn’t it? Go look at the original text, I never talked about the event itself, I only said I have had to do it. So I have never told you about it to start with, so there is nothing to retell, imbecile.

    Like every other fascist tRump fucktard here, all you can do make up shit about those who oppose you. I know what happened, a few others know, other than that, no one will ever know the details. You haven’t earned the right to know them

    As always, still waiting to hear which date will work for you to meet. You can’t man up for that, you are too cowardly.

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