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Jun 05 2012

Religious Photographer Ordered to Take Pictures of Homosexual Ceremony

A soft tyranny is still a tyranny — and if this isn’t tyranny, what else do you call it?

The state Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling that a professional photographer who refused to take pictures of a gay couple’s commitment ceremony violated New Mexico’s discrimination law. …

The New Mexico Human Rights Commission ruled in 2008 that Elane Photography violated the state Human Rights Act by discriminating against Vanessa Willock on the basis of sexual orientation. …

The photography studio says its refusal was not an act of discrimination, but a reflection of the owners’ religious and moral beliefs.

No doubt the courts would inflict the same ruling if the owner were black and refused to photograph a KKK cross burning. Just kidding.

The ruling confirms five facts familiar to countermoonbats:

1. We have lost the fundamental right of freedom of association.
2. The businesses we run are not ours, but the government’s; therefore, the government determines how we operate them.
3. Our rulers hold Christian religious convictions in contempt.
4. All the animals on the farm are equal, but perverts are much more equal.
5. If we don’t start fighting back more effectively, our society is lost.

On a tip from Chris.

47 Responses to “Religious Photographer Ordered to Take Pictures of Homosexual Ceremony”

  1. StanInTexas says:

    Dave, rule #2 is incomplete.

    You need to add. “The government takes no responsibility whatsoever in any loses your business may incur, but will demand AT THE POINT OF A GUN any proceeds that business may make if successful.”

  2. Momster says:

    In the words of Oscar Wilde “Homosexuality is the love that dare not speak its name.” Well, that was then.

    Now its the love that won’t STFU.

  3. Aridog says:

    Hah. Now what if the photographers had decided, disgusting as it was to them, to go ahead and take the photos … but making sure each and every one was a mess. By getting at least half their charge up front, or all if possible, they’d have their satisfaction as the “customer coupe” hollered and wailed.

  4. Mattius Maximus says:

    I had a lesbian friend on facebook. I thought she wasn’t a lesbian because her partner looked just like Drew Carey. They tricked me, and they will trick you too!!! Don’t be fooled by their often hideous appearance and attempts to look like a man. After realizing the mistake I had made I threw up in my mouth and promptly deleted them from my friends list. No man should be tricked like that. It’s wrong!!! I can’t look at Drew Carey without seeing that disgusting beast of a woman now.

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Can the courst force a vegan to photograph a hog-killing and BBQ?
    Can the courts force a Muslim to photograph a Bar-Mitzah?
    Can the courts for a woman to photograph a male rape-fantasy?

    This ruling is FAR beyond equality and is a clear indication that this court thinks that one person’s rights are more important than another’s.

    Dave nailed it… if this is not tyranny, then tyranny has no meaning!

  6. geeknerd says:

    So, if, in keeping with my moral and religious beliefs, I only have sex with my wife, do I discriminate against all other women?

    If I don’t have enough black or Hispanic friends, am I racist? I know I’m not because I have many Pollock, WOP, Mic and Frog friends. Heck, my aunt is married to a Bohunk.

  7. J says:

    Progressives are really not interested in Equality. If they were they would see that forcing the photographer to create a product that goes against his religious beliefs is really a religious discrimination.

    This is just one more proof that gay activists are bigoted and narrow haters.

  8. StanInTexas says:

    And another question…

    Can a lanlord refuse to rent an apartment to a war veteran because they are also a peace activist?

  9. wth says:

    Newsweek – “We are all gay socialists now.”

  10. Mary says:

    One look at that flag tells me many here would enjoy last night’s broadacst on new internet radio site “The White Network”:


    Carolyn Yeager discusses the increasing promotion and approval of homosexuality in our Western societies, and also in our White advocacy communities. Is it harmless or is it harmful in the long run? How does it relate to the Jewish problem? How does it relate to our white birth-rate, and even to race-mixing? What role can white homosexuals play in White communities? Carolyn quotes from some of their own words, and also reads from a National Socialist policy paper on the subject. While she gives no answers of her own, she does raise our awareness of a situation that has gone mostly unremarked upon.

  11. StanInTexas says:

    So Mary, do you often cruise “The White Network”? How long have you been a Klan supporter? Do you do the lynching yourself, or do you farm that out?

    Inquiring minds…

  12. Winston Smith says:

    Maey wont answer, she is too busy washing teh sheets and white hoods for tonights cross burning.

  13. SNuss says:

    Does that pointy hood cover up a pointy (and empty) head?

  14. TrojanMan says:

    There is no such thing as a private business anymore. Like the smoking ban in “public” places here in Illinois. A private business is NOT a public place. A court house or police station is a public place. I dont smoke and cant stand the smell of smoke BUT i think a private business owner has the right to determine if they want to allow smoking or not and as a private citizen i can decide to visit that place that allows smoking or not! Same thing in this case, find a photographer that will take the photos and shut the hell up!

  15. mojo says:

    “Wait, you cut off everybody’s heads!”
    “They ordered me to take pictures. I complied. But nobody can order me to take GOOD pictures. Enjoy.”

  16. whotothewhat says:

    Well we can always leave the lens cap on.

  17. MG says:

    When is this so-called wedding, anyway?

  18. J says:


    StaninTexas has a legitimate question. How often do you listen to “White Network”?

    Since you are trying to equate the criticism by new nazis with that of conservatives’, please answer the following question:

    ‘If Hitler liked little dogs and hated cats, does it mean that everyone who likes little dogs and hates cats is like Hitler?’

    Now that your fallacy has fallen apart, allow me to give you a little history lesson.

    Back in the beginning of the 19th century, in pre revolution Russia, Marxists were in league with Feminists, Homosexuals, Unions, you name it. They were for Equality. After the revolution, the feminists were shut up, unions were put under the state control (Just like in Nazi Germany. No, unlike a popular myth Hitler did not abolish unions, he consolidated them into one and put it firmly under his control). As for homosexuals, after Commies saw the statistics on the crushing birth rates, destruction of families and by extension society, which endangered the future of now commie empire, they put gays in front of firing squads and enacted some of the strictest anti-sodomite laws in the world.

    You know what they say about History…

  19. Sinister66 says:

    J says:
    I believe she hangs out at

    heres another site she likes.

  20. WTFPRESIDENT says:

    I would take pictures, of the sky above, the floor, their dresses, really lousy pictures. Why do they have to have this photographer. We have every right to say no, if we don’t want to do it. Either that, I would go, and quit right before the ceremony. Sue me.

  21. JM says:

    Sorry Butch, were all booked up on that date.

  22. StanInTexas says:

    The people that ran this business did not lie, did not do a lousy job, and they stood of for their principles and their religious freedom. And for their actions, they are being punished.

    The gays that initiated this farce should be sued and disgraced for their deliberate actions. And the judge that made this ruling needs to be unemployed and unemployable.

  23. Jimbo says:

    When I was a kid there were signs in most restaurants/businesses:

    “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

    Since that is no longer true, we are no longer a free people. Screw liberals, screw communists, screw homo activists. I reserve the right to punch any of the bastards in the face for being nazi assholes.

  24. geeknerd says:


    Thanks for the history lesson. Here’s another.

    After the Viet Minh (North Vietnamese Communists) consolidated power over all of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, there were no more dominoes to fall. So, what happened to all the Viet Cong?

    The last thing a communist government needs is trained insurgents running around, and with no other war to ship them off to… You guessed it, all the Viet Cong got their payoff, a bullet to the back of the head.

    All you Lefties out there who think the crocodile will eat you last, the insurgents are the first up against the wall once the insurgency succeeds.

    Take note also, all you Islamofascists who let other people wear your bombs.

  25. Jimbo says:

    Oh – and the “judge” who made this ruling will burn in hell for eternity.

  26. Mary says:

    lol@ at all the tears re: The White Network

    Well boys, since this week is only its second week of existing, I spose even dim bulbs like yerselves can figure out “how long I have been listening” 🙂

    What a miracle it would be if deaths of White people (like Nicola Furlongs, for instance) were treated with as much outrage from you “men” such as the ridiculous hysterics you have displyed here after my merely posting a site like “The White Network”.

    WHy don’t you actually listen to the broadcast before launching into your knee-jerk attacks?

  27. StanInTexas says:

    Mary, the fact that you know the White Network has only been around for two weeks speaks volumns about you.

    Here, we are outraged by ALL murders, not just the murder of white people. And as far as I know, none of us here belong to the KKK or the NAACP, and for the EXACT same reasons.

    If you think racism is accepted or even tolerated here, you need to stick around and read more.

  28. Mary says:

    I didn’t know this blog was now written by “Stan in Texas”. Thanks for explaining that anyone agitating for White interests is a “racist”. That little ditty “speaks volumes” all right —about you.

    And Sinister?

    Also: you realize Dave himself has posted positive reviews of “THE TALK” by John Derbyshire? WHy are you not launching your anklebite attacks smears against Dave?

  29. Aridog says:

    StanInTexas (at 10:20 AM) says:

    This ruling is FAR beyond equality and is a clear indication that this court thinks that one person’s rights are more important than another’s.

    Actually, it goes way beyond even that, except in an “Animal Farm” definition of “equals” sort of way. What is says to me is “that individuals do not have rights, only the collective community has rights.” And that those “rights” shall be determined by those more equal than the rest in said collective.

  30. StanInTexas says:

    I never said anyone that was “agitating for whites” was a racist. It would seem the voices in your head are lying to you.

    But when you start talking about “the Jewish problem” or “race-mixing”, that speaks about YOU, not about us.

    BTW, this thread is about the government denegrating Christians. Do you have anything on-topic to say?

  31. StanInTexas says:

    That is a good point Aridog. As I have heard before, “Any government big enough to give you what you want is also big enough to take away what you have!”

  32. Clingtomyguns says:

    This appears to be a decision where very bad law makes for very bad court decisions. Lobbied hard by queer and transgendered activists, in 2003 the New Mexico legislature passed and NM Governor Bill Richardson signed this immoral piece of crap law into effect giving perverts protected status. They are as much to blame for this insanity as the courts.

    The NMHRA prohibits “any person in any public accommodation to make a distinction, directly or indirectly, in offering or refusing to offer its services . . . to any person because of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, spousal affiliation[,] or physical or mental handicap.” Section 28-1-7(F) (emphasis

    So the NM government effectively gave pervs protected status, just the same as racial protection laws. The appeals court stated: What Elane Photography’s hypothetical fails to address is the fact that, like animals, small children, and private residences, the Ku-Klux-Klan is not a protected class. Sexual orientation, however, is protected.,203.pdf

    Maybe the next challenger to this immoral law will use this approach to knock it out on consitutional grounds: “Elane Photography argued to the district court that the New Mexico constitutional language was broader than the First Amendment. However, it did so only with respect to the language of the second sentence of Article II, Section 11 relating to attendance of a place of worship. It did not argue that the first sentence provided broader protection, and thus it did not invoke a ruling from the district court that the language of the first sentence provides broader protection than the First Amendment. It therefore did not preserve under Rule 12-216(A) an argument based on the language of the first sentence of Article II, Section 11 that the NMHRA infringed upon Elaine’s freedom “to worship God according to the dictates of [her] own conscience.” Although the language of Article II, Section 11 is different from that of the First Amendment and may provide broader protection, determination of its scope remains for another day.”

  33. Mary says:

    But when you start talking about “the Jewish problem” or “race-mixing”, that speaks about YOU, not about us.

    Again, I must have missed the election where “STan in Texas” is now the voice of Moonbattery? Am I not permitted to speak my piece Stan, or must we all sing from YOUR hymn-sheet?
    And for your info, Race mixing=White genocide in the long term, (you did catch the news the day it was revealed that a MAJORITY of the births in the USA this year were NON-WHITE?) and the “jewish problem” is a genuine problem when the vast majority of jews keep voting for libtard (anti-White) policies. All of this data has been posted on Moonbattery at various times. Why the sudden freak-out?

    Do you have anything on-topic to say?

    I said I was speaking in response to the flag, you know, the one posted at the top of this very thread?

    And I don’t need your permission to speak.

  34. dan says:

    Hah…I’d take the worst freaking photos …backs of heads ,the floor,the ceiling,out of focus,over-exposed.
    What should we do….RESIST and DEFY their bogus authority

  35. StanInTexas says:

    Mary, I am not the voice of Moonbattery. I am a poster here, Just like you. You posted your opinion and I have posted mine. The fact that your opinion is so petty and impotent that it cannot stand up to even the smallest of challenges is not my fault.

    Yours is the common reply of the petty and incompetent. You cannot stand to have your ideals challenged, so you lash out at anyone that dares to stand up to you. I would suggest you either find another hobby, or grow some thicker skin.

  36. J says:


    Mary is obviously not interested in the having a conversation on the topic. The white-supremacists like her are only concerned with race. Don’t “feed” that KKK troll anymore.

  37. Mary says:

    lol, anyone who reads this thread can easily who has the “thin skin” 😉

    Btw Stan, I posted a link to a show detailing the Homosexual agenda (name of the show is “THE HOMOSEXUAL MENACE”) , and your response to this posting of mine, less than THREE MINUTES after I posted it—-which proves you didn’t even listen to ANY of it since it is a 2 hour show—-was the following:

    StanInTexas says:
    June 5, 2012 at 10:48 am

    So Mary, do you often cruise “The White Network”? How long have you been a Klan supporter? Do you do the lynching yourself, or do you farm that out?

    On what planet was any of that “challenging my ideas” or prove “my opinion so petty and impotent” that it cannot stand up to your (non-existent) challenge?

    Mary, I am not the voice of Moonbattery. I am a poster here, Just like you.

    Well, glad we can agree on this 😉

  38. StanInTexas says:

    So Mary, you are upset because I ridiculed your insipid post? WOW, my apologies. I thought I was having a conversation with an adult. MY MISTAKE!

    And as far as not visiting the link you posted, you are right. There is no need to drink the poison in the bottle if it say “DANGER DON’T DRINK” on the outside.

    But J has a good point, you are not here to debate or discuss, but to piss and moan. And you can do that by yourself.

    Have a nice day!

  39. M.Wilson says:

    Mary… you do realize that the intent of that flag was to express disapproval of both sexual immorality AND collective totalitarianism, particularly their collusion, as represented by the union of Gay and Nazi symbols, right? It is in no way meant to imply that one triumphs over the other, as you seem to be implying with your obviously Nazi-inspired post. I mean come on, “Jewish problem”? The 30’s called, they want their antisemitism back.

    “Every address is monogrammed SS,
    You hold an Aryan picnic and bash.
    And it makes me irate,
    That you think I look great,
    When I wear a little tiny mustache.
    Your social politics,
    Say that races don’t mix,
    And you call it pure blood pollution.
    And when I feel sad,
    You say it’s not so bad,
    For every problem there’s a final solution.
    I think you’re a Nazi…”

    Socialism is opposed here no matter what form it takes, whether based on class, creed, or race.

  40. Mary says:

    One day I may read a post from someone here who actually listens to the broadcast and will make a comment about it that actually make some kind of sense 🙂

    I won’t be holding my breath of course.

  41. Son of Taz says:

    The problem here is that homosexuals are a “protected class” according to the court.

    The photographer could never win this:
    – first call was from one of the couple who stated upfront it was a same-sex marriage;
    – second call was from the other person who did not say it was a same-sex couple;
    – if the photographer had stated he doesn’t do same-sex events during either phone call, he’d be guilty of discrimination, even before the event took place.

    How did a law like this get on the books, especially in New Mexico? What ever happened to the rugged individuals of the south west?

    The photographer needs to find a legal benefactor that will take this case pro bono and work to get the idiotic law declared unconstitutional. It clearly is; it just needs to be fought to the end.

    A couple of posters mentioned he should have taken bad pictures. They might have sued him in small claims, but the upside is he’d never get any calls from the same-sex crowd again.

  42. MG says:

    So people with religious convictions *have* to take pictures at gay weddings even though it’s against their morals and beliefs, but this bitch can refuse to rent to a National Guardsman???

  43. MG says:

    @Mary: Have you read this from the ABOUT link on ???

    Taken from

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”

    Our mission is to build group consciousness, solidarity and pride among White Americans. One way we do this is by educating our listeners in real history — the history of the amazing achievements of Whites as a race, but also our mistakes and the crimes committed against us. We encourage Whites to be more aware of and assertive about our interests as a group, to speak out and answer slurs and attacks directed against us and our White heroes.

    We recognize that different races and ethnic groups cannot live together in peace on the same soil, that Whites cannot and should not tolerate being governed by non-Whites. As White Americans, we affirm our European heritage and common cause with our European cousins everywhere.

    Jews are not White. They are obsessed with their own group’s best interests, not ours. Our network is and will always remain by, for, and about the best interests of Whites, and only Whites. We are uncompromising on this point. We do not hesitate to identify and criticize Jews and will not allow them to hide amongst us.”

    If you’ve read that and agree with it, well, I shudder. That’s sad. Whites didn’t come first. By the way, are you a Christian? If so, may I remind you that Jesus is Jewish by his human birth?

    What about the achievements of other races? The Chinese had some amazing technology while the Europeans were still piddling around in small boats. What about the origins of mathematics from non-White races? gives white people a bad name…

    How sad.

  44. Mary says:

    Whites didn’t come first.

    Oh really?

    You need to catch up on recent news:


  45. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Mary says
    That swastika sure attracts them like fly tape
    Nobody can be this obtuse.
    Mary, go back to your Soros funded hate fest
    They are having a group hug over the Wisconsin debacle

  46. Mary says:

    lol@ soros funded

    I am delighted Scott Walker has survived the libtard assault.

    Try again boys, there must be something else you can throw at the wall in the hope it sticks.


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