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May 28 2012



Compliments of Stormfax.

26 Responses to “Remember”

  1. Red Dawn says:

    As well, each of us has the moral obligation to live a virtuous and productive life while maintaining constant vigilance against the authoritarians in our midst.

  2. trailertrash says:

    This photo is so touching. I look at this photo and I think of the sacrifice this individual has given so that Left Wing Weasels like Chris Hayes can freely spew their venom.

  3. wingmann says:

    God Bless our Fallen HEROS.

  4. Cameraman says:

    Semper Fi all my Brothers and Sisters..find some peace on this Humbling, Day!

  5. SR says:

    Meanwhile Barack Obama golfed for the 98th time during his presidency this weekend. A record.

  6. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Meanwhile, Ann Coulter took to Twitter to give her assessment of the MSNBC host’s comment. “Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ Calling Fallen Military ‘Heroes’ — Marines respond by protecting his right to menstruate,” she tweeted.

    Read more:

  7. TeaPartyNation says:

    What’s the Difference Between a Conservative and a socialist extremist?

    If a conservative sees a U.S. flag, his heart swells with pride.
    If a socialist extremist sees a U.S. flag, he feels shame.

  8. Sam Adams says:

    Sincere thanks to all those who have served and who now serve. May God bless you all.

  9. freebird says:

    Ann Coulter said that?
    Fuck that bitch.That shit is unforgivable.

  10. TED says:

    Funny, I can’t see anything wrong with what she said!? Are you sure you are reading that right?

    Something else to ponder…


    Columnist Andrew McCarthy gives us what probably is the most important question regarding the upcoming presidential election….…..if Mitt wins the nomination, as seems very likely, I will enthusiastically support his candidacy. For my friends who have hesitation on that score, I’d just ask you to keep four things in mind:
    1.. Justice Scalia just turned 78
    2.. Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year
    3.. Justice Breyer will be 76 in August
    4.. Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago.
    We wish them all well, of course, but the brute fact is that whoever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose at least one and maybe more new members of the Supreme Court — in addition to hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come.

    If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I think you’re smokin’ something funky….”
    So for anybody who is thinking of not voting because your favorite didn’t get nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win… Imagine this: SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ERIC HOLDER !

  11. KHarn says:

    “freebird says:May 28, 2012 at 11:38 am”

    That reminds me, how’s that WAR ON WOMEN going?

    Why can’t men have the RIGHT to menstrate? There is NO DIFFRENCE between the sexes! It’s all a FALSE CONSTRUCT by the patriocracy to oppress women!

    Do you really think that things will be better when your destructive kind imposes your ideal of a government answerable to no one?

  12. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Your not the first one to notice either

    Unbelievable. If he goes golfing on Monday, I say move to impeach. — Greg Pollowitz
    I say since we all understand by now that the Won shares Chris Hayes views to the letter, if he can best show respect for the fallen and their families by being a no-show, so be it
    So go ahead Hayes, try and put your Marxist tin god and all his brick throwing sycophants up against ONE fallen soldier.
    They STILL come out as but fleas on an ant

  13. Henry says:

    Today, I remember SFC Schuyler B. Haynes.

    Thank you for your service. RIP, Schuyler.

  14. Grunt says:

    God Bless those who serve, have served, and grant wings to those who have fallen in service, no matter their Military branch.

    Much Respect: Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Protectors,


  15. Logic Mine says:

    A moving picture to say the least. I believe the only thing we could do to thank them for their sacrafice is what “RED DAWN” said,

    “As well, each of us has the moral obligation to live a virtuous and productive life while maintaining constant vigilance against the authoritarians in our midst.”

    Eloquently and maturely put.

  16. grayjohn says:

    Read it again freebird, use your good eye.

  17. Crazy Dad says:

    This picture made me cry. To the heart of my soul I feel her pain as if she were my daughter. I want to embrace her, tell her it will not be in vain. But, given the chuckleheads in power, I am not always so sure. Which makes it worse. And, makes me angry. Very, very angry. You just don’t mess with my daughter.

  18. towerclimber37 says:

    Today is a day that’s set aside for a nation to remember it’s fallen countrymen.
    For those of us who knew them, it’s ANOTHER day to thank God for those men and women.
    They gave so freely of their lives so that our children, our futures would be assured.
    It’s up to us to honor that sacrifice and to hold our end of the bargain and keep this republic.
    Steele your hearts and resolve your minds, countrymen. Don’t let them die for nothing.
    return us to a constitutional republic. Honor them.

  19. Joek Loth says:

    Seeing that picture is heart-wrenching, neh, it is as if my heart is in a 10,000 PSI pressure chamber.

    freebird is a troll people. Ignore it.

    Thank you to all who have served, continue to serve and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I lost a very good friend during the Persian gulf War.
    Spec. Peter L. Swano,Jr. had his life taken from him on 20FEB1991 by gangrene of the intestines due to medical malfeasance on the part of my CWO3 Physicians Assistant larry armstrong, who, for weeks before he died, misdiagnosed Swano as “GOLD-BRICKING”, faking illness to get out of combat. It happened 3 days before the Ground War started. I was the Mortar Platoon’s, Swano’s platoon, medic back in Germany but when we went to Saudi Arabia, my higher-ups decided to put me with the Scouts and replace me in the Mortars with another medic, who wasn’t as familiar with the troops, which is another reason that contributed to Swano’s untimely demise. The guilt of that decision will haunt me forever. May GOD rest your soul, SWANO my brother.

    And oh yeah, A big FUCK YOU to that pussy chris hays too!!!

  20. joeh says:

    Thank you to all our servicemen. Words cannot express our gratitude for keeping us safe. This picture always grabs my heart. One thing for sure: When James John Regan was on this earth, he was loved; and by the girl’s posture, he is still loved. That picture is worth 1,000 words. I spend time like that at my mother’s grave and talk to her too.

  21. Max says:

    Thanks, man.

    God Bless America, and our Vets–all of them.

  22. Lauran says:

    My apologies, wrong video. Here’s the one for vets.

  23. Jodie says:

    I have been helping a friend with his business for a few weeks – part of it involves assisting Wounded Warriors. It has been a huge blessing to be able to personally thank some of these wonderful people for their service to this beloved country.

    I am so grateful for the veterans and all of those serving today. Yet, I am also extremely angry that they are having to serve under the evil Lawless One.

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