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May 27 2018

Reparations Happy Hour

Portland moonbats have found a new way to luxuriate in their self-hatred: Reparations Happy Hour.

[O]rganizers of the “Reparations Happy Hour” invited black, brown and indigenous people to a bar and handed them $10 bills as they arrived, a small but symbolic gift mostly funded by white people who were asked not to attend.

Sounds par for the course: white people demonized and discriminated against while they finance free rides for others.

The New York Times bleats that it was “far from the full-scale reparations sought by some as penance for the horrors of slavery and continuing [although visible only to moonbats] racial injustice.” But activist Cameron Whitten proudly reports,

“It was only $10, but when I saw them I saw their eyes light up,” he said.

Getting something that they don’t deserve has that effect on some people. The word for it is “greed.”

Whitten said he hoped the event, in addition to building community, would call attention to reparations, the concept that black people should be financially compensated for the generations of trauma that preceded them.

Unsurprisingly, polls find that most blacks support the idea of reparations.

Reparations Happy Hours will go by a different name in the future:

[T]hey will be renamed to “Reparations Power Hour” out of concern that the “happy hour” label was unwelcoming to people who do not drink, Mr. Whitten said.

Only white people are to be excluded from the bar, not nondrinkers. Because inclusiveness.

Slavery in the USA ended many generations ago. Few are old enough to remember a time when blacks did not enjoy highly privileged status. They receive hiring, promotion, and college admissions priority at the expense of more qualified whites. They are difficult to fire. They are held to lower standards. Holding them responsible for their behavior results in menacing shrieks of “racism.” Their crybully tactics are met with obsequious compliance at every turn.

Meanwhile, blacks have cost taxpayers many trillions of dollars through the welfare state, the need for incarceration, and futile attempts to provide education where it is not appreciated or even appropriate. Great cities like Detroit have been reduced to ruin. Our freedom to walk our own streets without fear of violence has been severely curtailed. The rate of black on white aggravated assault is 201 times higher than white on black.

Every benefit of modern life — abundant food, advanced medicine, refrigeration, electronic communication, rapid transportation, heat, air conditioning, et cetera — has been developed almost exclusively by whites with no significant contribution from blacks.

If anybody is owed a free drink…

On tips from Lyle, TCS III, and Chronos Z. Wonderpig.

2 Responses to “Reparations Happy Hour”

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