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May 08 2023

Reparations Push Approaches Maximum Insanity

Blacks are so oppressed that a pejorative for them cannot be spoken even as a direct quotation because it is regarded as blasphemy. They are first hired and last fired, their race counting as primary qualification for any position, including pilots and the highest levels of government. Even mildly criticizing blacks as a group is likely to end your career. Many trillions of expropriated dollars have been funneled into welfare programs that disproportionately benefit blacks. So aggressively do the media and advertising establishments promote blacks that according to YouGov polling, people believe blacks constitute 41% of the population rather than the actual 12%. Police are less likely to use lethal force against black than white criminals, for reasons made obvious by the immolation of Derek Chauvin.

The only way to make amends for all this oppression is with direct cash payments — i.e., “reparations”:

California’s reparations task force has approved recommendations which could give black residents $1.2million each as compensation for slavery and discrimination.

Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1865, generations before anyone living today was born. It was never legal in California.

Regarding discrimination, it works heavily in favor of blacks, not against them. When they aren’t pretending to be Indians, racial imposters pretend to be black, so they can benefit from this discrimination. Not even the palest octoroon pretends not to be black.

Surely even the most shameless race grifters will be satisfied with this demented looting spree, right? Wrong:

[R]esidents who attended the official meeting in Oakland hit out at the estimated costs of reparations, which some believe it is ‘nowhere near enough,’ demanding $200million direct cash payments to individuals instead.

As for where the money would come from, white people have plenty of money. They have been rendered defenseless by liberalism, so now is the time to take it.

Kamilah Moore, a reparatory justice scholar and an attorney, chaired the task force and previously stated she plans to be as ‘radical as possible’ when it comes to deciding who will receive reparations and how much.

Nearly 2 million Californians lay claim to black privilege. Expect that number to rise sharply.

Democrats know that the concept of reparations stokes racial animosity on both sides and creates it where there was none, and that implementation would lead to economic ruin. Yet they press onward — and not only in California:

A Denver councilwoman caused a stir when she declared that white-owned businesses should pay reparations.

Candi CdeBaca, a 37-year-old Democratic Socialist who is facing a run-off election in June, told a business forum Thursday that white-owned businesses should pay an additional race-based tax, which would be given in turn as reparations to minority-owned businesses.

As with most leftist lunacy, New York is not far behind on reparations. Neither is the once great city at the bottom of the Democrat Death Spiral, Detroit:

Last year, 80% of Detroit voters in a 78% black city cast their ballots in support of a reparations commission.

Slavery was banned in Michigan in 1787. Not that it matters.

Chairwoman Lauren Hood of the Detroit City Planning Commission said that she didn’t know who the 20% were, but assumed it was maybe newcomers to the city or non-black residents.

“Detroit is the blackest big city in the nation. Eight out of every 10 people here are due some sort of reparation,” Chairwoman Hood argued.

Unless blacks are to pay themselves to be oppressed, this will come at a hefty price to the few remaining Caucasians who have not escaped Detroit.

When California and other liberal jurisdictions go bankrupt paying people outlandish fortunes for being black, the rest of the country will be forced to bail them out — unless Democrats take the looting spree national. Then it could be financed the way Biden pays for his version of the Green New Deal — through inflation. Refer to Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic to see how that works.

As the reparations issue demonstrates, moonbats are unreasonable and irresponsible. The USA will collapse into a failed state if they are not pried loose from power.

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