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Apr 30 2020

Resistance Escalates in North Carolina

As has happened before during this experiment in authoritarianism, patriots in Raleigh are dragged off in handcuffs for protesting the ChiCom virus lockdown:

Hundreds of protesters crowded into downtown Raleigh on Tuesday for a third week of rallying aimed at reversing Gov. Roy Cooper’s stay-home order for North Carolina.

Four protesters, including ReOpenNC leader Ashley Smith, were arrested when they stepped onto the sidewalk outside the governor’s mansion on Blount Street, violating police instructions.

The street name is ironic. I’m guessing it is named after William Blount, an ancestor of yours truly who signed the Constitution as a representative of North Carolina. That would be the same US Constitution that guarantees “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” and that allegedly is still in force to this day.

Protesters gathered around the Capitol Police car and banged on the window as Smith was taken away.

“This is how Nazi Germany started,” said her husband, Adam Smith, who was handed bail money by other protesters.

An earlier Adam Smith was history’s most famous advocate of the economic freedom that has been crushed in the name of the virus.

Resistance in North Carolina has escalated beyond Tea Party–style rallies:

Officials in North Carolina’s Gaston County announced on Wednesday their intention to sign an order allowing businesses in the county to reopen, effective April 29 at 5:00 p.m., despite Gov. Roy Cooper’s (D) extended stay-at-home orders.

Commission Chairman Tracy Philbeck made the announcement Wednesday morning, stating that county leaders are “letting our folks know we support them going back to work.”

Bars remain closed, but theaters, restaurants, churches, sports venues, and gyms are free to open with social distancing encouraged, and elective surgeries can resume. If Governor Cooper doesn’t like it, he’ll have to send troops.

Even if rulers won’t admit that the lockdowns were a mistake, they need to at least acknowledge that they have enjoyed the power trip long enough, and the time has come for this to go back to being America again.

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