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Jan 21 2020

Restaurant Founded on Moonbattery Lasts Less Than 1 Month

No matter how many times the lesson is taught, people keep needing to learn it for themselves. Get woke, go broke:

A Lower East Side [NYC] eatery owned by a non-profit touting staff diversity and fair wages is closing its doors after less than a month — informing its chef by text that everyone’s out of a job, the worker said Sunday.

Colors — which was opened in 2006 by surviving Windows of the World employees after 9/11 — had closed in 2017.

It then tried to stage a comeback, opening again Dec. 23 with promises of help from Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), a nonprofit restaurant lobbying organization focused on employing a diverse collective at fair wages.

Favoring “diversity” over meaningful qualifications and refusing to let the market set wages work great in the faculty lounge, but won’t keep a functioning business afloat. Moonbattery can’t make the numbers add up. That’s why socialism has to be imposed at gunpoint.

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