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Feb 21 2014

Retired Sheriff: $276,000 per Year Pension Is Not Enough

Liberalism often works by starting with an arguably good thing and taking it to such an extreme that it becomes pernicious. Public sector pensions are a prime example. Few would deny retired police officers either a pension or a savings plan. But in liberal states greed has gotten completely out of control. From Ventura County, California:

[F]ormer Sheriff Robert Brooks … retired in 2011 with a salary of $227,000. Today, he collects $50,000 a year more than that [$276,000], with guaranteed cost-of-living increases. But that wasn’t enough. Now he’s suing for $75,000 more, claiming it’s allowed under the law.

Finally the public is putting up some resistance.

Ventura County voters will consider an initiative in November, similar to a possible statewide measure, that would funnel all new employees into a 401k savings plan rather than a pension. It would also, like an initiative passed in San Jose, give current employees a choice — either increase their contributions or cut future benefits. …

Unions, as might be expected, oppose the measures.

Brooks’s case is hardly unique. Left-wing bureaucrats have turned the pension system into a looting spree.

An analysis by the Los Angeles Times found 84 percent of the roughly two-dozen Ventura County retirees with pensions in excess of $100,000 made more money in retirement than working.

When chief county executive Marty Robinson left in 2011 making $228,000, his annual pension totaled $272,000.

Their packages are emblematic of what critics consider a runaway pension problem.

The chief executive of Solano County retired with a $371,000 pension. A police chief in Stockton left with a $204,000 annual pension after just eight months on the job. An Orange County attorney retired with a pension of $226,000 — $14,000 more than his final salary. He also got a check for $352,097 for nearly 2,500 hours of unused sick and vacation time.

In California, 20,000 employees have pensions in excess of $100,000.

No wonder the state has a $500 billion budget shortfall, with wealth producers leaving the state by the hundreds of thousands to escape the excessive taxation.

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11 Responses to “Retired Sheriff: $276,000 per Year Pension Is Not Enough”

  1. justme says:

    The same goes on all over NY. Teachers earning $150,000 a year, get even more once they retire. Property taxes MUST be raised to pay them as they escape the brutal taxes that they benefit from by having their pension checks sent to their new homes in Florida and the Carolinas. On top of the pension, they receive CADILLAC HEALTH PLANS for their entire extended family all for free.

    We are supposed to feel sorry for those “dedicated public servants” who supposedly could make so much more in the private sector but “‘SACRIFICE’ so much for their neighbors”. Those three month summer vacations, sabbaticals lasting years, every federal holiday off, Bankers Hours, guaranteed COL increases, guaranteed raises, guaranteed job security, a union that protects even the most incompetent criminal or abusive amongst them.

    Never having had the pleasure of “sacrificing” by working in a union, my luxuries consisted of Zero security, zero hope for a raise, zero protection against abuses as I was forced to assist in fraud, zero pension – the only luxury was a minuscule paycheck that the State took a large percentage from in order to pay those “poor public servants” who sacrifice so much.

  2. grayjohn says:

    Tell the greedy, blood sucking douche to move to a cheaper state. You make that kind of money where I live and you live like a king. What a dick wad.

  3. Henry says:

    My community’s finest!

    Government lackeys feeding at the trough.

  4. True Blue says:

    If the Zero wants to push this thieving MyRA idea; then public sector employees should be the first mandated to sign up.

  5. Heltau says:

    So, this is ONE of the reasons that stockton went bankrupt.

  6. Son of Taz says:

    And the libs think big corporations are greedy….

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Reminds me of these over paid atheltesemand higher salary for playing kids game of Baseball

  8. NorcalJim says:

    And don’t forget what is bankrupting the UC system in California: the boated salaries and pensions of professors, which keep getting ratcheted up year by year.

  9. genghis says:

    Good post and I agree with the severity of the problem, but just wanted to make sure I read it right: Cal’s $500 billion in the hole? With a B? Not $500 million with an M?

    Are we talking annual budget deficit or overall debt? Because I can the latter being possibly $500 billion but not the former. Just curious n’ stuff.

  10. genghis says:

    Oh, and hi Spurwing, you glorious bastard.

  11. Ian Random says:

    These are the same morons that ruined the pension system with a ruling that anything paid to the them, including uniform maintenance, counts toward their pension.

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