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Nov 21 2019

Reuters Erases Story That Undermines Narrative

Even when it does not tell straightforward lies, the establishment “news” media produces propaganda, not news. It selectively puts forth information that supports an agenda. This is never more obvious than when it accidently publishes information that does not support the agenda — and then withdraws it.

As part of the campaign to demonize Trump and to demographically/politically transform the USA by swamping it with illegal aliens from throughout the Third World, Reuters gasped in horror that at least 103,000 children are being held in migrant detention in the USA, heavily implying that this is a violation of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Then someone realized that the figure is from 2015, before Trump took office. So Reuters completely deleted the story.

They could have run an editor’s note, as is usually done in anything but an extreme situation. However, that would only serve to emphasize the fraudulence of the narrative that we must open the boarder completely because Trump oppresses children. So they put the whole thing down the memory hole.

Roto-Reuters is so powerful because so many other information services run its content. AFP for example:

With a little clarification, the story would have been as newsworthy as ever, informing people that abject surrender in the face of foreign invaders who drag children along as weapons was not the policy even during the Obama Administration. But that which does not support the narrative is erased.

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