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Jul 14 2019

Reverend Amy Butler Outliberals Her NYC Church

The form of corrosion known as moonbattery renders everything it touches corrupt, demented, and farcical — even Christian clergy. Manhattan’s recently fired irreverent Reverend Amy Butler is a case in point:

Butler, an anti-Trump rising star at Riverside Church known as “Pastor Amy,” had a formal harassment claim filed against her in May in a shocking fall from grace for a congregation known for its inter-denominational liberalism and progressive beliefs on LGBTQ, immigration, and environmental issues, according to the New York Post.

Clinging desperately to their faith not in Christ but in moonbattery, Pastor Amy’s supporters claim she was only canned because she stood up to the wicked patriarchy by opposing harassment and sexism.

More likely, she got the boot because she progressed too far too fast with this:

The 49-year-old minister … allegedly led one member of her flock and two fellow preachers into a Minneapolis sex shop called the Smitten Kitten, while they were there for a religious conference. She reportedly quipped “Is this a church business expense?” after pulling out the church credit card, though it is unclear if she used it.

It is alleged that Butler purchased “a $200 bunny-shaped blue vibrator” for a single mom minister and offered to buy some other tasteless toy for a homosexual minister who declined. No matter how far liberal infiltrators push the blasphemy envelope, some among them will want to push it further still.

The sex toy incident was apparently the final straw amid mounting concerns from the Riverside Church Council about Butler’s judgment, as she was seeking a $100,000 raise. She has a $250,000 annual salary and $8,000 monthly housing allowance — on top of other cushy benefits.

Getting rid of the greedy degenerate will cost over half a $million:

Butler … will leave with 12 months’ salary, a six-month housing allowance worth $48,000 and annual retirement contributions of $59,000 for three years, according to her contract.

An email sent by the chair of the church council and seen by The Post says Butler will also get a $100,000 “separation payment”– which would take her golden handshake to a total of $594,530, when including her unused vacation payout and the $10,000 tab for her lawyer’s fees.

The Riverside Church may join CNN in learning the truth of the maxim, “Get woke, go broke.”

On tips from Kate P, Steve T, and StephaneDumas.

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