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Jul 09 2024

Richard Nixon Causes Ongoing Bloodbath in Chicago

Having succumbed to the Democratic Death Spiral, Chicago no longer celebrates America’s independence on the 4th of July. It celebrates Assassination Day.

As WLS reported Sunday:

At least 100 people have been shot, 17 fatally, in gun violence across Chicago since Wednesday evening during the extended Fourth of July holiday weekend, police said.

The media explicitly refers to it as “gun” violence to help Democrats exploit the senseless bloodshed to disarm the law-abiding population in the face of chaos.

Resident Erica Pinkerton grew up with a 74-year-old woman who was shot in the leg over the weekend, probably randomly by the thugs who own the streets under single-party Democrat rule. She says of the 4th of July,

“It’s assassination day…”

In case readers don’t draw the politically correct conclusion, another resident is found who can confirm that the problem is not caused by a debased, degenerate, barely civilized population that has elected pro-criminal leftist leadership that in turn has marginalized the police. Our right of self-defense is responsible:

“They got to stop the guns. You know?” Austin [on the west side of Chicago] resident Raul Perez said.

Or maybe we should blame Richard Nixon:

The mission of Democrats is to do to the entire country what they have done to Chicago, where their rule is unchallenged.

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