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Jun 01 2020

Rioters Target Historic Churches

Nothing better illustrates the sheer malevolence of the riots than last night’s attack on St John’s Episcopal Church on H Street, right across from the White House. Every president since James Madison has attended it. Fox News was at the scene long before the fire department:

This isn’t the first time the rioters went after a historic church. On Saturday, they desecrated iconic St Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan:

The graffiti on one wall at Fifth Avenue and 51st Street read “F–k F–k” in red letters. On an adjacent wall, vandals scrawled “BLM” — for Black Lives Matter — along with “NYPDK” in red letters and “No justice no peace” in black letters. …

The sacrilegious scrawl was more than likely etched while protesters marched down Fifth Avenue past the cathedral earlier Saturday.

If there is anything good about the riots, it is that they might help some people understand that leftism is not merely wrong; it is evil.

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