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Jun 02 2020

Riots Cure COVID-19

I’ll say one good thing about the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots. They cured Wuhan coronavirus. Just a week ago, Big Government was throwing tens of millions of Americans out of work by forcing us to shelter in place against this menace. Social distancing was rigidly enforced, at the expense of fundamental constitutional liberties like freedom to peaceably assemble and to practice religion. Now the authorities, aligning themselves with the ideology of the rioters, help gather crowds.

From Illinois:

Several city leaders joined the peaceful protest in Champaign-Urbana, including the mayors and police chiefs of both cities.

“People have the right to protest,” said Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb. “They have that first amendment right.”

Nice to see the First Amendment has been restored.

Cobb took part in that, walking alongside hundreds of protestors through the streets of Urbana. “Their voices do matter. That’s why I was here. That’s what it symbolized for me taking a knee, showing that I’m willing to take time. I’m willing to take a knee and I want to hear you.” From beginning to end, he chanted in support, kneeled in solidarity and stood up for the Black Lives Matter cause.

Taking a knee Colin Kaepernick style symbolizes obeisance to the anti-police ideology of the rioters — the same ideology inspiring leftists to attack police.

By the way, there was looting in Champaign the night before, in the name of the same bogus and corrosive ideology Cobb endorses.

This doesn’t look much like social distancing. Watch Cobb shake hands and hug:

On a tip from Bob Z.

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