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Nov 22 2017

Rivers Feeding Most Pollution to Oceans Not Found in Advanced Capitalist Countries

Shame on the developed, capitalist nations that pollute the Earth just so that they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Don’t they know they are clogging the ocean with plastic? Shame! Oh wait…

Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world’s oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research.

The top 10 rivers – eight of which are in Asia – accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste.

The top 10 rivers for pushing pollution into the ocean are:

Yangtze East China Sea Asia
Indus Arabian Sea Asia
Yellow River Yellow Sea Asia
Hai He Yellow Sea Asia
Nile Mediterranean Africa
Ganges Bay of Bengal Asia
Pearl River South China Sea Asia
Amur Sea of Okhotsk Asia
Niger Gulf of Guinea Africa
Mekong South China Sea Asia

The only ones that aren’t in Asia are in Africa. No river in advanced capitalist America, Europe, or Japan made the list.

Admittedly, moonbats might counter that if people in Asia and Africa embraced picturesque pre-industrial poverty instead of trying to climb out of it, there would be less pollution — or at least, less plastic pollution.

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20 Responses to “Rivers Feeding Most Pollution to Oceans Not Found in Advanced Capitalist Countries”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    “facts? FACTS!?! We don’t kneed no stinkin’ facts!!” <— the usual offenders

  2. octa bright says:

    Environmentalism is a luxury good that developing countries will not pay for until conditions get so bad that they no longer can avoid them.

  3. Take The Red Pill says:

    One fact that moonbat wacko Marxists don’t like to acknowledge is that the Soviet Union was one of the world’s major polluters and destroyers of ‘greenspace’ prior to its fall.

  4. Nick Testa says:

    Don’t worry the progressive moonbats will figure out a way to blame it on racism.


    NYT claims Charles Manson was not the end point of the counterculture.

    “If anything, he was a backlash against the civil rights movement and a harbinger of
    white supremacist race warriors like Dylann Roof, the lunatic fringe of
    the alt-right.

    But then, the guy who wrote that looks just as nutty as the counter culture icon he is writing bout:

  6. I thought it was all Trump’s fault. Or Bush’s. I can’t keep up with the black sheep de jour. Oops I’m a racist now.

  7. Wait, wasn’t it the enviros who forced everyone to give up those nice bio-degradable renewable-sourced paper bags and replace them with plastic?

  8. vera says:

    Well, yes, but one reason our rivers are somewhat cleaner is that we have farmed out the dirty work out to the poorly paid peons in other parts of the world.

  9. Mack says:

    As a (sob) man, I confess it to be our fault as part of the Vatican / Templar / Masonic Male Continuum taking our secret orders from the planet Fluoride.

  10. FromNJ says:

    This simply won’t do.
    Only white people do bad things!!!

  11. Angel says:

    Let’s just blame America for all of the corruption and incompetence of the rest of the world. Wait, that’s a leftist core belief and the mission of UN Agenda 2030. All we need to do to solve the problem is to send all of our citizens’ wealth to third-world dictatorships, embrace communism like Venezuela, and all of our problems will be over.

  12. Here we go says:

    Thanks to environmental groups pushing government to impose regulations on our manufacturing industries that forced them overseas in order to “save the planet” and prevent “global warming”. The end result was fewer jobs, more global pollution and emissions. Thank a lib.

  13. vera says:

    Strawman. I am not blaming anyone.

  14. 127guy says:

    Liberal friends need to immediately stop eating and breathing out of solidarity with those who are being oppressed by the contents of these rivers.

  15. vera says:

    Yep. Partly it’s that the world opened up and companies looked for peons to do their stuff. Look at what happened to eastern Europe. Their industries stolen or gutted out, they are being used as colonies. I effing hate globalism.

  16. Spiny Norman says:

    Had to save the trees. Yup.

  17. Spiny Norman says:

    Yes, yes you did:

    we have farmed out the dirty work out to the poorly paid peons in other parts of the world.

  18. vera says:

    Telling how it is does not equal blame. How do you figure you’d do it?

  19. Callawyn says:

    Here’s the thing about “environmentalism” that Leftists don’t get: If you want a clean environment, the pre-requisite is PROSPERITY. And, of course, you only find prosperity in capitalist countries. The more Marxism you have, the poorer your country, and the worse the pollution. Worse, the more Islam you have, the more extreme poverty you have and not only do you have extreme pollution you have zero concern about it.

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