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Sep 08 2018

Roaming Millennial Interviews Lauren Southern on South Africa

Lauren Southern, creator of the documentary Farmlands, is one of the very few willing to focus attention on the catastrophe of historic proportions beginning to unfold in South Africa. You aren’t likely to see her interviewed on television, so Roaming Millennial steps up:

Southern nicely lays her finger on the two reasons the mainstream media will not tell you the truth about what is going on in South Africa: (1) according to the liberal narrative, whites are oppressors, not victims; and (2) post-Apartheid South Africa is the template for what they want to do to the whole world, being the first country spawned completely out of moonbattery.

The more people know about South Africa, the more they will recoil in horror from the progressive agenda.

On a tip from Physicsnut.

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