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Sep 06 2019

Robert Mugabe Departs for Hell

The last dictator standing from this repressed Nando commercial…

…is standing no more:

The controversial former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe was confirmed dead on 6 September 2019, after a lengthy stay in a Singapore hospital. As one of the men who led his nation to independence from the British through then-liberation party Zanu PF, Mugabe’s legacy proved to be problematic following three decades of authoritarian rule.

“Problematic” is putting it nicely. As socialist dictator, Mugabe drove out the white farmers who had established his country as the Breadbasket of Africa, reducing it to an absolute basket case characterized by starvation, 90% unemployment, 89.7 sextillion% inflation, wanton corruption, societal collapse, and political repression. But at least he provided a role model for the people steering South Africa’s course.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, StephaneDumas, and Grumpy Cat.

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