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Sep 18 2019

Royal National Lifeboat Institution Blows Donations Abroad

Give generously, but give wisely. Your money might not be going where you thought it would. For example, people who give to Britain’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution probably don’t expect their donations to purchase frivolities in Africa, even while the RNLI slashes jobs at home in the UK.

From Daily Mail:

Donations are being spent on swimsuits for devout Muslim women in Tanzania and on funding creches in Bangladesh which the RNLI claims helps to prevent drownings overseas.

The swimsuits consist of Islamocompliant burkinis. The creches supposedly prevent Bangladeshi children from playing in the water, where they might drown.

Most donors probably expect the organization to prevent drownings by more conventional means — and much closer to home. After all, the N stands for “National.”

[T]he charity’s £189,000-a-year chief executive Mark Dowie warned last week that it is ‘facing some major challenges’ after making a loss of £6.3 million last year, and announcing 135 job cuts.

£189,000 comes to $236,035. Not bad pay, considering he does not seem to be managing the outfit very efficiently. Maybe they should make that 136 job cuts and save themselves a small fortune.

[T]he charity intends to increase its annual spend on foreign projects by £400,000 this year. Its overseas spending has now soared from £1.13 million to £3.3 million over the past five years.

So much for “charity starts at home.” I think we’ve found the source of the problem:

The RNLI, founded in 1824, has been accused of becoming obsessed with political correctness in recent years, leading to resignations among volunteers.

For example,

It has a ‘national team of health, safety and environment advisers’, and a ‘diversity leadership group’ tasked with promoting the ‘International Day Against Homophobia’.

The oikophobia inherent in moonbattery means that money lavished upon alien cultures far, far away counts for more PC Brownie points.

As usual, the moonbattery crosses the line from do-gooder flakiness to causing active harm:

In 2016, the charity announced it was providing training to Greek, German, Dutch and Swedish organisations to help save migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece.

“Saving” in this context effectively means “helping to invade.”

Never trust your money to moonbats.

On a tip from Steve T.

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