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May 18 2016

Salon Continues to Push Normalization of Pedophilia

They have effectively normalized homosexuality. They are in the process of normalizing psychosexually deranged men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. What’s next for social engineers? Pedophilia.

Their blitzkrieg strategy was adapted from Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Instead of softening up the victim with bombing raids to be followed by tank divisions, progressives start with a propaganda wave, to be followed by dictatorial decrees from the federal government like the one Obama recently issued commanding that boys be allowed to use girls’ facilities. At Salon, the propaganda wave has already begun:

It all began in September last year with the article “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” which featured self-identified pedophile Todd Nickerson of the website “Virtuous Pedophiles” classify[ing] his sexual disorder as a “sexual identity” that needs to be met with some kind of compassion. …

In a new video released Tuesday, Salon featured Nickerson talking openly about the nature of his sexual disorder, which he classifies as an orientation, and how he manages to resist the urge to molest children.

According to Nickerson, at age 18, he babysat a five-year old girl and fell in love with her, and since he never wanted to act on his urges, he chose to privately “relieve” himself instead. Thankfully, he has never molested a child his whole life and doesn’t wish to. Instead, Nickerson wants to foster a new attitude in society that allows pedophiles to openly identify as such so they won’t be forced underground.

By now we all know the thin edge of a wedge when we see one.

In the comment boxes on Salon, some leftists have even gone so far as to suggest that pedophiles like Nickerson should be allowed to engage in simulated child pornography so they can stimulate themselves, theoretically preventing them from molesting actual children.

Before long, simulated kiddie porn will be available with your cable package. Then they will push the envelope further.

Nickerson weeps that society has “persecuted” people who through no fault of their own identify with the orientation of being pedophiles.

Now that they have marginalized the concept of personal responsibility for the hygiene of your soul, it won’t take them long to finish prying open the gates of hell.

On a tip from R F.

45 Responses to “Salon Continues to Push Normalization of Pedophilia”

  1. BillPasadena says:

    If “simulated child porn” is acceptable, would simulated KKK hangings also be acceptable or are some simulations not morally acceptable?

  2. calmly_observing says:

    Great point. What about simulated torture porn with trans people, with the trans person being in the “beta” role?

  3. calmly_observing says:

    As Inforwars is to the right, so is Salon to the left. Only certain precincts or groups even take is seriously.

  4. Occam's Stubble says:

    Nickerson weeps that society has “persecuted” people who through no fault of their own identify with the orientation of being pedophiles.

    Years ago, I read an article by someone who had interviewed a lot of pedophiles and he said most of them wondered why we did not hunt them.

  5. TED says:

    THEY are renaming to SICK-ASS CENTRAL…

  6. TED says:


  7. TED says:


  8. TED says:

    CHECK and see if their execs and staff aren’t MUZZIES…

  9. TED says:

    Proving EVEN the DEMENTED have MORE sense than the LEFT!

  10. TED says:

    From the head Pedo… WHO didn’t see this coming?!

  11. TED says: THE ONLY time he’s ever been right!!

  12. TED says: Apparently Safe Spaces are only for the ones that have had their brains completely REMOVED.

  13. TED says: ALL THOSE YEARS, when this country was SANE!

  14. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Perhaps, but those groups will include government bureaucrats, school officials, and city officials before much longer. And, yes, they are deadly serious about this.

    They’ve been giving this a gentle push for decades (and some not-so-gentle pushes). Of course they generally want to push any kind of evil they can to erode Western society, but where this is leading is another kind of “sex ed” in schools. Kids will be raped at schools, and parents who object will be jailed and have their kids taken from them (so kind, wise agents of the State can “tend to their developmental needs”).

    Nazis did this to Hitler youth and many others have done this…rape them young to teach them at a deep-down, fundamental, gut level that the State owns them, body and soul.

    Just 10 years ago I would have scoffed at the above statement. Not scoffing anymore. They are really starting to cross some bright red lines now, though this particular line they haven’t worked up to crossing yet.

  15. TED says:

    SAME OLE. They have just changed the name…

  16. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    If any of them truly are virtuous, we won’t know about their sick urges, they will avoid temptation by staying away from children, and there will be no problem and no reason to hunt them.

    If they act on their urges or knowingly put children at risk by spending time with kids (especially unsupervised), then they will need to be dealt with. Whether Progs and/or the government sanction their activities or not.

    It’s a simple red line no moral person can allow to be crossed. Ever. You don’t let rattlesnakes go free in a nursery. You don’t suffer child molesters to be around your children. You just don’t.

  17. SolidusRaccoon says:

    And then they will call for normalization and acceptance of actually pedophilia. “They are born that way, we should not stop them” If you oppose to a man having intercourse with a child you will be labeled a “bigot”. Homosexuality was just the beginning,

  18. brwaldbaum says:

    As long as you answer “children,” liberals have made “F***, Marry, Kill” completely legal.

  19. NotKennedy says:

    Pedophilia is an Islamic tradition.

  20. NotKennedy says:

    Does the name Kevin Jennings bring anything to mind? He was one of Obama’s sex “educators” with Arne Duncan’s Department of Indoctrinatoin, formerly known as Carter’s folly (Department of Education). Unadulterated filth.

  21. Donna M says:

    Hey Nickerson and Salon mag…
    What a load of CR@P!!!
    …but of course, it’s always about promoting the progressive agenda, through perpetration of ambiguous facts, pure fiction and fantasies, and through down right, deceipt, omissions and lies!
    Your victims who are children would, most certainly, disagree with your statements!
    Child sexual abuse is very high!
    I’ve taken care of “kids” victimized by degenerates and their sympathizers, like you guys!
    They have been so screwed over!
    They are messed up, behaviorally, for life…
    They blame “themselves”, for what you, $#it-holes did to them…!
    They inflict severe harm on themselves and others, because of their unrequited hurt, rage and anger!
    …and of course, that is one of the pedophiles, greatest tactics…
    They “exonerate” themselves from all lack of self discipline, personal responsibility and wrong doing, regarding the victim!
    They manipulate and “burden” the victim, by putting all the physical, behavioral and emotional responsibility on them!

  22. NotKennedy says:

    ISIS has taken that perversity to live audiences. The muslims flock to watch as sexual deviants are thrown from the tops of buildings, crucified, burned alive, burned inside of coffins, strung upside down, drowned, beheaded, dragged through the streets, all in the name of their god, Allah. Allah-Obama, Do you hear how that sounds? Five letters, just like Satan.

  23. Rotohammer says:

    What’s next? Gay necrophilia?

  24. Eddie_Valiant says:

    And in related news:

    Boston man receives first penis transplant in US.

    It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be slicing them off to be replaced with a bigger model.

    And in more related news:
    Boston hospital to start performing sex “reassignment” surgery.

    John Hopkins University was a pioneer in this perverse field, but got out of it when it became obvious that it was not helping. Hey Boston knows better than the doctor who performed it.

  25. Donna M says:

    It’s hard to explain to a kid…
    …ya’ just can’t tell them, that they were used only as a device and a vehicle, for someone else’, (adults) degenerate, hyper satisfaction and gratification!!!

  26. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Watched the trailer. That was disturbing.

  27. SNuss says:

    Why not charge Obama’s “useful idiots” with blackmail, for threatening to withhold Federal funds, unless the Texas schools allow this abomination to be mandated? Then, extradite them to Texas for trial.

  28. Donna M says:

    Hey Ted,
    I worked with male co workers that turned out to be high profile Chesters the Molesters!
    All the victims were non verbal, developmentally disabled kids.
    Children’s Hospital, San Diego Unified, Stein Center…
    Chesters are sociopathic, “damn liars”!
    It comes naturally to them, despite what they say to the contrary, like this B@$tard in the article.
    They just can’t be trusted around kids and they can’t stay away from them, either…
    They work very, very hard, obtaining occupational careers and jobs that give them the most exposure and contact, with them…
    And when they, “finally” get caught, they end up crying like a baby, because they are upset for two reasons…
    First, it’s because they are humiliated and they knew it was grievously wrong! But the behavior was well worth the risk, envolved.
    And secondly, no more “kiddy” fun, at least for a while.
    And the “classic” universal excuse is…
    “I couldn’t help myself”.
    Yeah, and when you get yours in prison…
    The other prisoners, couldn’t “butt”, help themselves to you, either!

  29. TED says:


  30. Aprildredden says:

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  31. Saxon Warrior says:

    Whenever I see a moonbat I get strong urges to punch his lights out. But don’t worry, I don’t have a disorder – it’s an orientation!

  32. Jodie says:

    Of course. They need to set the stage for the eventual edict, which will allow genital mutilation on little girls and forced marriages to Muslim men – who will marry them and then trade them off to their friends. With time, every evil thing becomes acceptable to liberals.

  33. depwavid says:

    Don’t give us any ideas!

  34. depwavid says:

    Gives credence to the idea that we are living at the End of Days!

  35. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Not everyone that looks human is human on the inside. Some are predators, some are outright monsters. It’s a rough thing for kids to know, the kind of knowledge from which we wish to shelter them as long as possible.

  36. rex freeway says:

    Todd Nickerson of the website “Virtuous Pedophiles” classify[ing] his sexual disorder as a “sexual identity” that needs to be met with some kind of compassion.

    Why yes it does. How about you get castrated and serve 10 years or you only have to serve 1 year. In general population. That’s as compassionate as I can be.

  37. david says:

    Liberals have turned the media and academia into brainwashing factories. Unless conservatives get off of blogs and start having influence in the areas that matter, all hope is lost.

  38. Donna M says:

    Sooo… right!!!
    The perpetrators feel “no” remorse!
    They’re primary targets are the “opposite” of them…
    Trustiing, non defensive, sensitive, vulnerable and easily manipulated!
    …until these degenerate “B@STARDS”, get through with them!

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