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Jul 25 2020

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sam Coonrod

Think of the American troops running into a blizzard of machine gun fire on the beaches of Normandy. Then think of grotesquely overpaid baseball players publicly kneeling in servile obeisance to rabidly anti-American Marxist terrorists under pressure from liberal theocrats. You may wonder how a country could become so debased in only two generations. But there are still Americans who deserve to call themselves Americans, even in pro sports — namely, Sam Coonrod, who unlike every other player on the San Francisco Giants refused to kneel to Black Lives Matter:

Coonrod, a second-year reliever, did not take part in the ceremony and instead stood behind first base at the edge of the infield dirt. He said afterward it was because he is a Christian and “I can’t kneel before anything besides God.” …

Coonrod, 27, also said he doesn’t agree with the Black Lives Matter movement. He cited his faith and “a couple things I’ve read.”

Being decent and sane, Coonrod doesn’t like it that BLM’s goals include imposing Marxism and destroying the nuclear family.

Inviting the wrath of Twitter moonbats and the lefty sports media does not compare to wading into the Nazi war machine. But in the context of our times, Coonrod’s courage is just as significant. Consider that America is threatened at a more profound level by the supporters of Black Lives Matter than it was by the Third Reich. Also consider that both courage and cowardice are contagious. The troops at Omaha Beach could draw on each other’s guts. Coonrod was swimming alone up a Niagara Falls of cowardice.

Trump should award Sam Coonrod the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Few have deserved it more. He is the August Landmesser of American sports.

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