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Oct 03 2018

San Francisco Residents Angrily Watch Their City Degenerate

They who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. They who sow moonbattery reap worse still, as San Francisco demonstrates:

Residents of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood packed a community meeting on Monday night to voice their concerns about the concurrent increases of both homelessness and crime in the area.

The situation has escalated beyond having to wade through the human waste that piles up on the sidewalks.

Reports of mentally ill homeless people committing a variety of crimes in San Francisco have increased in recent months. Some of these crimes include the homicide of a store clerk and the random stabbing of two people with scissors just down from the crooked section of Lombard Street.

Consequently, the crowd at the community meeting was standing room only. Looks like not much was accomplished other than venting.

When asked if the meeting gave her any confidence, China Halton said, “No, this is actually making me really angry. Because I hear nothing. And as someone who is in North Beach every day, on a very busy corner, I see no one. I see no authority managing any of it.”

Instead, authorities have been rolling out the red carpet for bums and junkies, shoveling hundreds of $millions of other people’s money at the homeless and passing out free needles. Mayor London Breed has been pushing for city-sanctioned shooting galleries.

You see what San Franciscans get for electing moonbats. Let the ruin of their city be a lesson to us all.

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