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Jun 19 2018

San Francisco Terrifies Tourists

Take a wealthy and physically beautiful city, add plenty of moonbattery, and what do you get? San Francisco. Tourists don’t know what to make of it:

“Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’ Just walked past numerous homeless off their faces, screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ and then a murder scene. Wife is scared to leave hotel now,” wrote an Australian Reddit user Wednesday. …

On Sunday, another tourist from Canada asked the San Francisco Reddit community, “Why is this city so terrifying?”

“I’d been there for probably less than a day, just wandering around the center, and already seen more than enough poverty and suffering to cause me wanting to leave desperately,” wrote another visitor from London in 2017.

You don’t have to come from abroad to notice that San Francisco is a sewer.

“The streets are filthy. There’s trash everywhere. It’s disgusting,” Joe D’Alessandro, president of S.F. Travel told the Chronicle’s Heather Knight in April. “I’ve never seen any other city like this — the homelessness, dirty streets, drug use on the streets, smash-and-grabs.”

If only Harry Callahan were around to clean it up. But the dinosaurs (as he was called by a moonbat in The Enforcer) have been weeded out long ago. There is nothing left now but touchy-feely liberalism and its inevitable consequences.

This is the city that provides Democrats with their leader in the House of Representatives.

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3 Responses to “San Francisco Terrifies Tourists”

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