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Jan 05 2019

San Francisco, Window on Our Progressive Future

Want to see America’s future? Look to San Francisco, always at the cutting edge of progressivism. This video sums up what will be left when moonbattery finishes rotting away what’s left of civilization:

Tourists staying at the nearby Hilton San Francisco Union Square might have been able to watch this out their window — assuming that rapidly decaying San Francisco still has tourists.

There was a time when it would have been unthinkable that you would see a savage beat someone possibly to death (the victim’s injuries are considered life-threatening) in the middle of town (Ellis Street between Taylor and Jones, near Market Street) in broad daylight and walk away unmolested. Those were the dark ages, when everyone was a bigot, unenlightened by political correctness.

At least Melton Earl Kelly was later arrested for this crime. Not even San Francisco has hit rock bottom quite yet.

On a tip from Seaoh.

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