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Jan 15 2020

Sanders Field Organizer Praises Political Violence, Gulags, Reeducation

What will happen if the maniacs who back Bernie Sanders actually manage to get him into the White House and are able to consolidate sufficient power to enact their agenda? Regular Americans who believe in fundamental liberties such as property rights, freedom of speech, and the right of self-defense would be “reeducated” in gulags just as in North Korea or the USSR.

Don’t take my word for it. Project Veritas went undercover to record Kyle Jurek, field organizer for the Sanders campaign. Hear his violent plans in his own words:

According to Jurek, if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, Milwaukee will burn. If he wins the election, America will be de-Nazified through the brutal communist tactic of reeducation. Billionaires (and presumably quite a few millionaires and thousandaires) will be cured of their privilege by breaking rocks 12 hours a day. Soviet gulags weren’t so bad, because the slaves in them were paid a living wage.

The preferred method of genocide for the Soviets was mass starvation caused by food confiscation, but around 1.7 million died in gulags under Stalin.

An alarming number of people are foolish and/or evil enough to support Bernie Sanders. He is running second behind a terrible establishment candidate with apparent senility issues who excites no one. Sanders could get the nomination.

The media will do anything to stop Trump from being reelected, so expect a heavily hyped October surprise even if they have to fabricate it from whole cloth. The impeachment farce proves that Democrats will stoop to anything at this point. Economic sabotage is not out of the question. Sanders could become president.

This comment on a New York Times article provides insight into the mentality of Bernie supporters:

We Mustn’t stop [with impeaching Trump]. Every Republican voter must be impeached as well. These ignorant racists sought to destroy our Democracy and will continue to pose a clear and present danger to our nation. Senator Sanders campaign advisor Kyle Jurek has some excellent ideas in how to deal with this cancer on our nation. We really must embrace out of the box thinking – we must be pointed and diligent as well as relentless in driving these bigots into the ash bin. The world cannot wait any longer to stop climate change and the right wing terrorists who deny it. We can save the world, we only must do what has to be done without hesitation.

You can see why they want us disarmed.

It happened to Russia in 1917. It happened to China in 1947. It could happen to us. If it does, millions will die, as before.

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