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May 15 2018

Santa Monica College Students Told to Call Cops over Hate Speech

You can’t blame college students too much for responding to an invitation to debate the topic of hate speech by calling the police. Hysterically authoritarian reactions are encouraged by educrats:

Reaffirming SMC’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion” was emailed to all students and staff on May 3 after an unknown “outside visitor brought hate speech onto one of Santa Monica College’s campuses.”

“This will not be tolerated,” writes President Kathryn E. Jeffries. “If you are the target of hate speech or witness it, you should immediately contact the Santa Monica College Police Department at (310) 434-4300 or submit an anonymous report to campus police.”

Students are told “not to engage with the individual causing such an incident,” instead referring them to the school’s crime reporting form, which allows students to anonymously claim incidents such as theft and assault.

You don’t debate thought criminals. You call the cops to make them shut up. At least, that’s how it will work in utopia, although SMC spokestyrant Grace Smith admits that for now hate speech (i.e., speech liberals disapprove of) is not technically a crime in and of itself.

Campus Reform tried to pry out of SMC Chief of Police Johnnie Adams an explanation as to why anonymous reports are preferred:

When pressed, he declined to clarify the preference for anonymous reporting stipulated in the campus-wide email, simply saying that “all schools of Higher Education must report certain crimes/incidents to the Department of Education,” per the federal Clery Act.

This has alarming implications when you consider the possibility of not only college students but all of us eventually having to live under the Stalinesque thought restrictions that prevail on campus.

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