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Aug 06 2018

Sarah Jeong Compared to Roseanne Barr

Not to belabor the point, but the ascension to the enormously influential New York Times Editorial Board by rabidly anti-white and anti-male bigot Sarah Jeong is highly significant, because it indicates how intensely the “mainstream” media hates the regular Americans it seeks to rule.

Shockingly, even after the Jeong’s juvenile viciousness has become public knowledge, the liberal establishment has circled the wagons around her, perfectly willing to let this freak personify what they have become.

Black Pigeon Speaks compares this event to the immolation of Roseanne Barr, whose career was dynamited at great expense by Disney for a single tweet that was not even intended to be racial:

I have to disagree that Disney would stand by Roseanne in light of the New York Times standing by Jeong. Like the New York Times, Disney is a highly politicized pillar of the liberal establishment. Like the Times, it hates people like you, which is why Roseanne was fired.

Jeong and Roseanne have been exploited to drive home two sides of the same cultural Marxist precept: hatred of whites is encouraged; anything that could be construed as critical of nonwhites is absolutely forbidden.

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