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Dec 05 2018

Satanic Christmas Display in Illinois Capitol Rotunda

We must be entering the endgame now. In the Illinois Capitol rotunda, a satanic Christmas display counters the nativity scene and menorah. The Chicago Chapter of the Satanic Temple calls it a “snaketivity”:

A literally satanic display is allowed next to a Christian display at Christmastime, despite offensiveness being the whole point, supposedly on First Amendment grounds. Try putting up a display that liberals regard as racist and see how far the First Amendment gets you.

Relativism is a crowbar used to demolish traditions. If all religions are of equal value, then none is of any value. They started by countering nativity scenes with menorahs celebrating Hanukkah, despite Jews being a small minority of the population. State Capitols would not feature displays for Hanukkah if it occurred in July, because the point is to detract from Christmas. From there they progressed to the snaketivity.

Progress remains to be made. They still have to get rid of the nativity scene.

At that point, they will also drop the menorah, it having served its transitional purpose. They will get rid of the snaketivity too, because the idea is not to overtly worship Satan; it is to discredit and then abolish Christmas.

On a tip from Grumpy Cat.

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