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Apr 18 2017

Schedule Your Photo Op Arrest With Otherwise Useless Berkeley Police

If it didn’t convince you that the Berkeley police are a joke when they allowed rioters to run wild and even fire rockets at them in a successful effort to prevent a speaker from being heard at University of California, or when they allowed fascistic moonbats to publicly assault patriots during the Patriots Day event last Saturday (as they have done before), maybe this will do the trick. From the Berkeley Police Department website (click for full size):

It is of minimal use when leftist thugs attack patriots in the street. But if Al Sharpton wants to stop by and get arrested as a photo op, the BPD is there to help.

Police are instruments of the government. In a place like America, that is generally a good thing. In a place like Berkeley, where leftists have established total hegemony, it is not so good.

On tips from TheChaoticStorm and J.

8 Responses to “Schedule Your Photo Op Arrest With Otherwise Useless Berkeley Police”

  1. JamesMacArthur says:

    “Useless Berkeley Police” –WRONG !!!!
    They are modern day BROWN SHIRTS whose job is allow liberal thugs to freely attack anyone who dares to not swallow their BS.

  2. 762x51 says:

    As I have said for a very long time, cops are not necessarily your friend. These have obviously decided to abandon their oath to the Constitution, that makes them enemy combatants, period. As long as they uphold to their oath to the Constitution, I have absolutely no problem with police, but once they decide to enforce tyranny, tacitly or otherwise, they become legitimate military targets.

    I urge all officers on that department to resign immediately. Seek employment elsewhere and support and defend the Constitution. Otherwise, you are outmanned and out gunned thousands to one, you cannot realistically hope to survive. FACT: Berkley PD currently has 182 sworn officers, i.e., those who are armed and have arrest powers. One infantry rifle company is more than enough to defeat that number.

  3. Pyrran says:

    I get it now. They’re symbolic police, not real police.

  4. Moniqueabryant says:

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  5. RWDave says:

    Sadly, California dropped the ballot issue to secede. Maybe next year?

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